Toxic George Conway Publicly Shames His Wife Kellyanne Over Trump, Ukraine And Biden

(Gateway Pundit) – Can this marriage be saved? Virulent never-Trumper George Conway publicly dunked on his wife, senior President Trump adviser Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, on Twitter Monday afternoon just minutes after she retweeted a video clip of a creepy Joe Biden campaign speech that went viral over the weekend.

George Conway appeared last month on NBC/MSNBC to provide anti-Trump commentary during the recent House impeachment inquiry hearings.

The Biden video from a speech earlier in the year shows him talking about his days as a lifeguard when children would stroke the hairs on his legs.

Kellyanne Conway commented, “WATCH: Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe. We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy?”

George Conway hate-tweeted over his wife eleven minutes later, “Your boss apparently thought so.”

Note that attorney George Conway employs the weasel word “apparently” because as much as he hates Trump, he does not have proof of what he is asserting.

Kellyanne has not responded online to her husband as of publication of this article.

The Conways have four children, teenage twins Claudia and George IV, and pre-teens Charlotte, and Vanessa.

Above: Happier times, Conway family photo, June 2016.

Taking his criticism of President Trump online directly to criticize his wife is designed to humiliate her in public. Why is George doing this to his wife and children?


  1. George Conway is a jerk that treats his wife, Kellyanne Conway with little to no respect. He enjoys humiliating her in public and on social media. I don’t know how she stands the slob who apparently has such a low self esteem, probably due to his unkempt appearance, that the only way he can feel better is to tear his (MUCH) better half down.

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