TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT: US Veteran Says The Black Community Has ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ Over Biden

( Exclusive) – The Biden regime has been one big unmitigated disaster for the US. One crisis after another has left Americans who did actually vote for Biden scratching their heads. His approval rating has nosedived and military veteran and US Senate candidate, Kelvin King, believes that’s because Biden voters are “waking up” and have “buyer’s remorse.”

King, who is running for US Senate in Georgia, asserted during an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday that Democrats have “failed the black community” and also said that the Democratic Party has “taken the black vote for granted for years.”

According to Fox News, Biden had an approval rating of 85% among blacks, women and Latinos back in July. However, that rating has plummeted to 67% in September and even that number is likely much higher than what it really is.

When asked to respond to Biden’s tanking approval rating, King said, “They’re not really alarming to me. I think what’s happening right now is that the American people who voted for Joe Biden, they’re waking up. They’re finally waking up and they’re experiencing a bit of buyer’s remorse especially in the black community.”

He went on to say that the Democrats have “taken the black vote for granted for years. We all know this and the Biden administration, what they’re doing right now is a bit embarrassing,” he continued.

Just a bit?

“I mean, we have vaccine mandates that are costing jobs in the black community. We have the debacle in Afghanistan and our military members who are black are embarrassed about that, and we have a border crisis that’s poorly managed. Don’t forget about inflation. Inflation is hitting everybody and their pocketbooks. And black men – we want opportunity. Just like any other American, we want to be able to pursue our American dream and we don’t want handouts or special privileges,” King contended.

“This is why I’m running. This is why I’m running to protect and preserve the American dream, which is the theme of my campaign and I look forward to standing toe to toe with Senator Warnock, who represents Georgia, on the debate stage, to discuss how he and the Biden administration have failed the black community,” he asserted.

King explained that the Democrats “made promises to the black community” that were “specific and unique to the black community” that have gone unfulfilled. He continued, “Starting from the misinformation about stimulus checks sent as payments and that dollar amount was actually different from what was passed to the $15 minimum wage to HBC funding, which was actually cut under this current administration to relieving the student loan debt,” King listed.

“Now, I’m not saying these promises were okay. You know, they’re not. They aren’t Republican principles. But they were still promises made to the community and when you don’t step up to the plate and fulfill what you say, you reap the backlash. So, that’s what you’re seeing in these low polling numbers,” he commented.

King said he believes he will win the US Senate seat in Georgia as he predicts a “red wave” coming during the 2022 midterm elections.

We can only hope and pray that he’s right.

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  1. biden confessed on film for the mess he and his son made in the Ukraine. biden confessed on film in an interview to he and his crap hole friend orchestrating prior to the 2020 election that obama had put together the most massive VOTER FRAUD organization for 2020.

    No one took any action of these crimes.

    No one took any significant justice action for the treason on hunter biden’s laptops. Yup it is an insult to shit to label the bidens shit. (capitals omitted for common nouns)

  2. Heaven and earth have deep reqret for allowing evil to abide in the WH. I watched Biden give a speech for Police appreciation week. I lost my appitite for the breakfast just made. Biden has no shame or conscious. He spoke salt on the wounds he has inflicted on America.

    He said that it is more difficult now to be a police man. God and much of the American population KNOW that Biden has undermined law, cancelled law, is the biggest source of violation of law this country has. He and his criminal enterprise they call an administration is the validated reason that the police work is more difficult. The government is the biggest violator of law. To call Biden shit is an insult to all shit of America.


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