Top U.S. Official Declares N. Korea ‘Biggest Threat To Humankind,’ Proposes Miraculous Solution

December 6, 2017 5:51 am  

( – In the wake of one of the largest, full-scale military drills jointly performed by the United States and South Korea, the world just received another load of bad news. The tensions brewing between the West and North Korea over their continued nuclear testing is even worse than anyone imagined.

According to the U.S. ambassador to China, North Korea poses the most extreme threat to the human race, and only the U.S. can stop them.

“What’s happening with [North Korea’s] illegal and aggressive development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles … This is the biggest threat to humankind right now,” Ambassador Terry Branstad told CNBC in Beijing on Wednesday.

The ambassador is all for imposing more sanctions on the hermit dictatorship, he says more could be done to stop them from blanketing the U.S. and our allies in a sea of fire and death. “We need to keep on working together and we share the conviction that we need to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and China and America can play a key role in working with the rest of the world.”

The North has continued to conduct tests of nuclear weapons in defiance of international law, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon.

Branstad’s warning comes as President Donald Trump recently returned from his trip through Asia, in which the formerly frosty relationship between the U.S. and China started to melt. China, a traditional ally of Kim Jong Un, is also leery of a nuclear North Korea threatening war on its southern neighbor, but isn’t interested in a regime change – besides the existential threat they pose to humanity, the North and China are close friends. Like a big brother tired of his little brother’s ravings, China just wants peace and stability in the region.

The ambassador detailed an approach the U.S. and international powers could take to denuclearize North Korea – trading oil could convince them, and ultimately showing them that war or an all-out nuclear holocaust is only going to lead to their demise:

“Oil is certainly one of the things that we believe economically could get their (North Korea’s) attention, and getting their attention is what we need to do to convince them that the course they’re on is a destructive course that is not going to lead to protecting North Korea’s interests but one that’s going to led to their demise,” he said.

“They need to get back to the bargaining table by saying they’re not going to conduct any more missile launches or nuclear tests and thereby there’s an opportunity to try to come up with a diplomatic solution to this dangerous situation,” he warned.

If the North could even temporarily stop testing nuclear weapons, the U.S. and international powers would be ready to bargain with them, Branstad said to Bloomberg Television.

“If they announce that they’re not going to be doing any more nuclear tests and they’re not going to be launching any more missiles … I think there’s an opportunity for us to get back to the bargaining table.”

You can watch the entire interview here:

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