Top Filmmakers Are Dropping Truth Bomb On Big Time Biden Scandal

( Exclusive) – Irish-born filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinny have been using the medium of film to shed light on some of the biggest stories and trends that the mainstream media totally ignores or works to spin in some fashion in order to make leftists look like saints and paint up conservatives as the second coming of the Third Reich.

According to WND, the scripts this couple comes up with are largely based upon transcripts featuring sworn witness testimony, like the very hardcore anti-abortion film “Gosnell: The Trial Of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” and their most recent work, “ObamaGate: The Movie,” which focused on the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense.

The couple’s latest film, “My Son Hunter,” will take on the heavily censored story of “Biden family corruption” as has been revealed in the laptop of Hunter Biden, which included no shortage of material that exposes the current president’s shady business practices and abuse of power.

The filmmakers are seeking to raise $2.5 million through a crowdfunding campaign within the next 60 days to “create the new film that will expose the truth behind Hunter Biden’s scandals and their direct connection to President Joe Biden.”

Folks, this is a story that absolutely needs to be told. The mainstream media tried to censor anyone and everyone who shared this information when the story broke just before the November election. The NY Post was banned from Twitter for sharing the story. Radical liberals don’t want this story to come out. Which is exactly why it needs to.

According to the filmmakers, a lot of the film will be set in the Ukraine and will focus on the younger Biden’s controversial business dealings.

“During the election campaign last fall, the couple countered the spin on the Trump-Russia collusion story with ‘ObamaGate.’ Teaming with the Washington watchdog Judicial Watch, the “Hamilton”-style 70-minute film derives its script word-for-word from the wealth of texts, emails, memos and witness transcripts collected in the many Trump-Russia investigations. The movie can be viewed at no cost via YouTube,” WND’s report says.

“The media and big tech covered up the bombshell report by the New York Post that showed the depth of corruption in the Biden family,” McAleer stated in a news release that was put out on Monday.

“The truth deserves to be told, and it needs to be seen by as many people as possible,” he added.

McAleer went on to say that an “entertaining and enjoyable movie is the best way to tell the story of the Biden family’s corruption and to ensure as many people are educated about this as possible.”

“If the media won’t do their jobs, we’ll do it for them,” he continued.

It’s about time somebody held these individuals accountable for their actions. And McAleer is right about the medium of film. It’s the most powerful communicator of truth in this day and age. If we want to win the culture, telling powerful stories is the way to go.

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  1. When I saw the title my question was which Scandal are they talking about?? There are so many to chose from. There is the Ukraine debacle and Pedo Joe admitted and and BRAGGED on committing that Quid Pro Quo crime. Next is all the the money Pedo Joe got from Hunter’s business which he NEVER reported or paid taxes on. Next is all the HATE bills Pedo Joe supported while in the Senate or spewed on the Campaign trail like a Good little Democrap always does. Then there is the Hunter Sex and Drug show PedobJoe is hiding from. This one is a TRY SICK crime. Having drug fueled sex parties with underage female relatives is almost as SICK as Pedo Joe’s worst two crimes the first being Serial Sexual abuser of Women and the SICKEST of all the SERIAL SEXUAL ABUSE of little girls with a sick smile that got bigger as the little girl’s age dropped. So there are many many CRIMES to pick from that Pedo Joe is a major part of. Sadly the way things are going in all these VILE EVIL CRIMES Pedo Joe will be just like Hitlery in another way besides being Obozo redone is he will escape his SICKEST Crimes and go unpunished for all his crimes sick or otherwise.

  2. Can’t wait for the movie to corroborate what I’ve been saying about Hunter and ‘the Big Guy’ on Twitter for months. Biden only had a couple of million from foreign business deals when he was picked for V.P. (assassination insurance) by Oblamer, now he has around 40 million.

  3. Scandal? What about the irresponsible spending ? Like a drunken scam artist spending our money giving it to illegals and to grossly mismanaged democratic states and cities to pay off their graft, non citizens given the right to vote via a drivers license and other corrupt means, The energy industry shut down and the constitution thrown our the window because it cramps and gets in the way of the criminal enterprise’s ambitions they call a government, who cannot win an election on the merits of their policies so they STEAL IT.

    Report: “President Joe Biden’s White House team is drafting a massive $3 trillion infrastructure spending deal, according to reports, but most of the spending will be directed toward social welfare programs.”

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      An estimated 60 million have been ripped from the womb since 1973 . Mother’s health, or planned parenthood genocide are the choices .

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    • The majority of Americans proved you wrong on November 3rd. They didn’t vote FOR Biden, they voted AGAINST Trump!


    TRUMP WILL WIN IN 2024 just WATCH.

  6. When asking any Democrat to list the lies they claim Trump made they get all frustrated and start thumping around with their words. When they do this it just explains it all. I had to buy a pack of paper in order to list all lies of the Democrats.

  7. So you you like a rotting dead corpse for President rather than a man that actually helped the Country in so many ways it’s just a shame that the left uses people like you to further their evil agenda, they know their are easily influenced people out there and they are really good at seeking them out, because people like you show your weaknesses and actually become walking targets for Obama and Biden!

  8. From WND article:
    “. . . America’s freedom is the key to freedom for the rest of the world. God created humanity – each and every one of us – to serve Him, not Satan, who is the father of lies. The enemy and his minions know this. That is why they have mobilized such a vast army, both in the natural and supernatural realms, to destroy this nation. A free America with a renewed commitment to God’s will for humanity will remake the world in its image. That is what the enemy fears and seeks to stop it at all costs.”

    So very True.

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