Tom Fitton Calls On DOJ To Criminally Prosecute Public Officials Who ‘Aid And Abet Illegal Alien Criminals’ (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton attended a rally in Montgomery County, Maryland and addressed criminal sanctuary city policies and illegal immigration.

Fitton called on the DOJ to criminally prosecute politicians who give sanctuary to criminal aliens.

‘Sanctuary policies make every town a border town,’ Tom Fitton said.

“I call on the Justice Department to initiate criminal prosecutions of those public officials who aid and abet illegal alien criminals!” Fitton said.


Illegal aliens are currently on a rape spree in Montgomery County, Maryland thanks to dangerous Democrat policies.

According to local news reports six illegal aliens have been arrested in recent weeks for rape and sexual assault, with most of victims being children.

21-Year-Old Honduran Native Accused Of Raping 6-Year-Old Girl In Montgomery County, Maryland – Faces 155 Years In Prison

A 21-year-old Honduran native was accused of raping a 6-year-old girl and then claimed that if she told anyone about the sexual assault he’d “ground her for 100 days.”

Wilder Hernandez-Nolasco, 21, of Silver Spring, Maryland began sexually assaulting the little girl (possibly a family member) when she was just 5 years old — and the Democrats endorse this evil with their silence.

The victim told police that Wilder Hernandez-Nolasco touched her vagina with his hand, digitally penetrated her vagina, exposed his penis, had the victim touch it and engage in vaginal intercourse, according to the statement of charges.

Wilder Hernandez-Nolasco admitted to police he sexually assaulted the girl, but claims he didn’t vaginally rape her, according to the statement of charges.

Hernandez-Nolasco is facing 155 years in prison and was charged with the following:

  1. Two counts of second degree rape for vaginal intercourse
  2. Two counts of second degree rape for digital penetration
  3. Two counts of third degree rape for forcing the victim to touch his penis
  4. One count of sexual abuse of a minor in violation of 3-602 of the Annotated Code of Maryland
  5. One count of sexual abuse of a minor continuing course of conduct in violation of 3-315 of the Annotated Code of Maryland

Read the statement of charges here:


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