‘Tolerant’ George Lopez Videoed Appearing To Urinate On Trump’s Hollywood Star

July 12, 2018 6:09 pm  

(Conservative Tribune) – Comedian George Lopez has made no secret of his hatred for President Donald Trump.

The Mexican-American standup has been taking nasty swipes at Trump and his supporters since long before the November 2016 election.

Lopez predicted back in 2015 that Trump might win the White House, saying, “There’s enough racists in this country to get him elected.”

But he said if that happened, the new president “won’t have to worry about immigration. We’ll all go back!”

A few days after Trump’s victory, Lopez hinted that he was working on fulfilling his pledge to leave the country, saying he was “already in escrow.”

Well, 20 months later, Lopez has yet to move out of the U.S., but his viciousness toward the president continues unabated.

On Tuesday, the former late-night host showed up at Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for a bottom-of-the-barrel publicity stunt.

With cameras rolling, Lopez reached for his zipper, held a bottle of water to his crotch and pantomimed urinating on the president’s star.


Lopez is just the latest liberal to target Trump’s star in a puerile political protest.

Others have defaced it with spray paint, smashed it with a pick-ax and a sledgehammer, covered it with stickers and placed a gold toilet on it.

Rather than trying to defeat the president and his party in a battle of ideas, Lopez and other supposedly tolerant liberals have behaved like bratty children who didn’t get their way.

Lopez’s career seems to be foundering since his latest attempt at television success — TV Land’s “Lopez” — bombed with critics and viewers and was canceled in 2017. (Variety’s Brian Lowry wrote that “despite a few references to well-publicized aspects of his biography — like divorcing his wife after she donated a kidney to him — the show is largely flavorless, with the funniest gag being a StarLine Tour bus that keeps swinging by his house and insulting him.”)

The 57-year-old comedian continues to get voice work playing toucans and chihuahuas in children’s movies, and he’s touring the country now doing standup gigs.

But staging a fake pee on the president’s star is the kind of desperate cry for attention you’d expect to see from a Hollywood has-been hysterically trying to avoid irrelevance.

Kathy Griffin is probably jealous she didn’t think of it first.


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