This Mother’s Defense Of Letting Her 9-Year-Old Boy Wear Makeup And Dresses Is Highly Disturbing

( – For some reason, there is a growing trend in the United States of letting young boys dress up in drag.

This is creepy, inappropriate, and confusing, considering drag culture is so closely linked to the very adult world of homosexual liaisons, cross-dressing, and seedy nightclubs.

You wouldn’t let a little girl dress up like a stripper and call it cute, and if you do, anyone would be right to question your moral scruples.

But because it’s 2019 and everything is about “love” and “tolerance,” anyone who questions a little boy dressing up like a stripper is a bigot.

Activist Mommy reports on the sad case of a 9-year-old boy who recently made headlines for dressing in drag, and the way the mother justifies her son’s interest in wearing makeup and dresses tells you everything you need to know about how backward these parents have it.

One nine-year-old boy had the dubious privilege of making his drag debut at a Los Angeles’ “Pride Month” event back in June.

Rather than offer loving guidance and protection from this hyper-sexualized “art form,” the parents of little Vincent Garcia allowed him to appear under his new alter ego, “DunkaShay Monroe,” in a bronze sequinned dress, green wig, silver sneakers and rainbow-striped socks.

Vincent’s mother, Elizabeth Leyva, told Metro News she hopes to set an example for other parents faced with a child who feels the need to express himself this way.

“My message to other parents is not to be afraid of letting your children show you who they are,” Leyva said. “People dismiss children a lot and tell them they don’t know what they want and are too young to understand – but they have their own minds, just like everyone else.”

“The worst thing you can do is shut them down and be small-minded,” she added. “At the end of the day, you should love and support your children 100 per cent, regardless of whether they want to be a doctor, a cop or a drag queen.”

Um, yeah. Being a doctor or a police officer is a very different calling from being a drag queen. As Activist Mommy explains:

There is nothing inappropriate, confusing, or disturbing about a young child who wants to be a police officer or a doctor, people who work hard to help people and whose job description is entirely wholesome and easy for a young child to grasp. There is nothing about either job that goes entirely against our very biological makeup.

Being a male who slaps on a dress and goes on to make a disgusting mockery of femininity is an entirely different animal, and to suggest otherwise is a serious problem. There is nothing appropriate about drag for young children.

What’s particularly troubling is that, in spite of his mother’s insisting otherwise, this drag thing does seem to be sorely confusing this poor little boy.

Drag is gender confusion, and gender confusion is harmful for children, who rely on stability, boundaries, and a clear understanding of how the world works.

This trend of fundamentally denying how biological gender works is leading children astray. No child as young as nine should be thinking about their sexuality, but where do you think this exposure to deviant lifestyles is doing to this young boy?

That’s right: its confusing him.

Leyva also told Metro News that Vincent came to her a few years later to “come out,” though he was nervous to make such an announcement.

“I reassured him that he could tell me absolutely anything. I wanted to know he was comfortable talking to me,” Leyva said. “He then told me that he thought he might be gay.”

In case you’re wondering how such a young child could already be so seriously confused about natural sexuality and gender, Leyva continues: “We have always been very open with our children and answered questions that they may have about the world, so Vincent knew about the LGBT community and what it means to be a part of it…”

There you have it, folks. This is exactly where the failure to shield your children from the pervasive sexual deviance in our culture leads.

“It’s no different to how other children put on a costume and play dress up,” Leyva also said. How sorely mistaken she is!

Featured image credit: PA Real Life


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