This Is CNN: Chris Cuomo Explodes – Threatens Trump Supporter – “I’ll F*cking Throw You Down These Stairs Like A F*cking Punk!” (Video)

This is CNN.

(Gateway Pundit) – CNN’s Chris Cuomo exploded after a Trump supporter in New York called him “Fredo” to his face — Fredo, a nickname that is meant to be an insult to Cuomo, is from the movie The Godfather to describe him as the weaker, less intelligent brother in the Corleone crime family.

Apparently the New York man approached Chris Cuomo and thought his name was actually “Fredo” and this is when Cuomo flipped out.

“We’re gonna have a f*ckin problem,” Cuomo said to the Trump supporter who asked to take a picture with him.

Cuomo lost his cool and threatened the Trump supporter and told him he was going to throw him “down the f*cking stairs.”

“I’ll f*ckin ruin your shit. I’ll f*ckin throw you down the stairs like a f*ckin punk!” Cuomo said.

The Trump supporter tried to deescalate the situation several times, but Cuomo wanted to fight and continued to threaten the man.

“Take a swing! Take a swing!” Cuomo said getting in the man’s face. “I’m not gonna swing,” the man said as he tried to calm Cuomo down. “I’ll wreck your shit! I’ll wreck your shit!” Cuomo yelled several times.

WATCH: (language warning)

Here’s another video just in case YouTube deletes:


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