This Is America? Young Mother Tased, Cuffed And Arrested For Not Wearing Face-Mask At Mostly Empty Stadium To Watch HS Football Game

‘Everyone just sits and watches’

(Infowars) – Disturbing footage out of Ohio shows an officer using a taser on a mother attending a junior high football game all because she didn’t have a mask on.

The video, filmed during a game between Logan and Marietta junior high school teams, begins with a large police officer physically struggling with the woman, attempting to put cuffs on her, and telling her to put her hands behind her back.

“I will not put my hands behind my back. I’m not currently doing nothing wrong,” she tells the officer.

“This is over a mask,” one witness is heard claiming.

A still frame from the video shows the woman has a face mask with an American flag in her right pocket.

Onlookers are overheard questioning whether the officer confronting the woman is a police officer or a security guard, which they confirm by saying “POLICE” is written on the back of his shirt, and whether it’s lawful to arrest someone over a mask violation.

After grappling with her for moments, the cop next pulls a taser and uses it on the woman.

“Tasing this lady over not wearing a mask!” a bystander exclaims.

“It’s time for me to go back to Florida,” another woman says.

One photo obtained by the Marietta Times shows the woman still resisting as she’s led off in handcuffs following the struggle.

The Times notes police are currently still investigating the incident.

The onlookers were criticized on social media for sitting idly by as their fellow citizen was accosted over the ridiculous mask mandate.


  1. This is just disgusting. It reminds my of the overreach of law enforcement we saw when that actress was minding her own business in her own home and the cops busted in for a ‘wellness check’ and kept escalating the situation and ended up machine gunning the poor woman. There needs to be an I.Q. test or something before giving these ‘guardians’ the lethal force option.

  2. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS !!! First, to accost a woman in this way — and for such a STUPID thing. The IQ of this ‘joke’ for an officer must be in negative numbers. If it ever goes to trial, I pity the judge.

  3. I believe that the officer was a racist and should look forwards to a very large legal action for abuse of his power in this situation. I see cash coming in her direction. Note that he was not tasing the cheerleaders and they were at the same game without masks.

  4. What happened in Logan Ohio should tell people that we are now living under socialism. Is this what true American people really want. Think about this people. It is time we the true Americans take a stand and defend our country.

  5. She should not have resisted arrest. Now she has that on her record. If she would have gone peacefully, the mask charges would probably have been dropped.

  6. Good! Deplorables need to start getting in line to stem the pandemic. This white trash hillbilly is just typical of all the dumb af Drumpf voter base!

    • She’s with her own group 6 feet away from anyone else. Cops mask is under his nose. Cheerleaders have no masks.Leftists are mask Nazis.

    • You must, in fact, have a cheeto for a head. Just look at your ‘man’, Biden and his Piglosi …. both are brain damaged, but ignorant folks like you support it!!! Too stupid!

    • Cheetoh Head,
      “To comply to stop the epidemic” ???

      Ha, ha, ha! ..

      Is a virus with sub-decimal mortality just below that of regular seasonal flu a reason to suppress established civil liberties?

      Communist slave, is it a cancer epidemic with 100% mortality? Assuming the cancer is contagious…

  7. If she had been at a BLM protest/riot they wouldn’t have done anything to her for not wearing a mask sad what is happening to this country.

    • That’s right !
      Communist rebellions have immunity from criticism, but also from the star-virus.

      What kind of people have hatched university neo-Marxism in the mainstream press, hipster youth, NGOs, and, the so-called democratic, Party ???

  8. theae are not even “laws” per se as they are not legislatively passed or enacted therefore no criminal charges can be brought or upheld . this has gone way too far and enuff is enuff. Time to stand up is way past due in any manner that is required. Our Constiturion is being shredded at will while America stands idly by. WTFUP!!

  9. more black on white violence. when will it stop???? Will blm show up to protest this police brutality??? no its condoned because it’s open season on white people….this will end badly for the black community. how long before people say enough is enough.

    • Anyone notice that his nose is clearly uncovered. He tazed her and is manhandling her for doing something that he is doing himself. The nose and the mouth are both connected to the lungs and emit the same vapors. This is, first, a political disease to try to take power, complete control, through crisis. It is, second, a financial disease where select companies and politicians and citizens are making a lot of money while the rest of us lose money. Only third is it a medical disease which is, by the way, made worse by hysteria promulgated by politicians, mostly Democrats, and media. This nation is in trouble. The fact that with all that is going on from the left and all of the promises kept by the Trump administration that the Democrats can even come close to taking the Senate, keeping the House, and taking the presidency is beyond rational belief. I repeat, this nation is in trouble, deep trouble.

  10. This is not a police man nor is he a security guard … he is a racist black man soaked in total ignorance. He would be fired in my district for forced coercion …


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