PURE EVIL: The Boys and Girls Being Sold For Sex During COVID-19 and Super Bowl

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – There are a lot of dark, scary, and tragic things that happen in the shadows of our great country that nobody in the mainstream media or in the nice, cushy suburbs wants to acknowledge. Acknowledging that these things happen means that we are all responsible to do our part to stop them, to get involved. Involvement means risk. Risk means the potential for loss or discomfort.

Not exactly popular or pleasant experiences to have, right? In fact, we spend the vast majority of our lives doing everything we can to avoid both loss and discomfort. It’s just the way we function as a culture. It’s a desire that is inherent to human nature.

One of these dark and scary things happening in the darkness is that of human trafficking. According to a new report from Infowars, young boys and girls are being sold into sex slavery in massive numbers, especially during the Super Bowl event and even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Some of these kids who are victims of trafficking are as young as 9-years-old. This awful phenomenon happens 20 times per day during the course of the Super Bowl event. Most of us tune in to watch a little football, see some funny commercials, and then go to bed for work the next day, never even giving a second thought to this awful tragedy happening during our moment of fun.

Cammy Bowker, the founder of Global Education Philanthropist said, “The Super Bowl is kind of deemed as the weekend to have sex with minors.”

According to the data, adults are purchasing children for sex acts around 2.5 million times a year right here in the United States. It’s currently estimated that the number of kids who are risk of being bought and sold for sex would fill a total of 1,300 school buses.

And as horrifying as those numbers are, the number of kids being sex trafficked during the COVID-19 pandemic is even greater. A recent study that was put out by Thomson-Reuters and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, many of the school closures that have happened as a result of big government attempts to slow the spread of the coronavirus have subjected children to online predators.

One in five kids are sexually propositioned online through either a gaming platform or on social media. And this is not just a problem for young girls. Boys currently make up a whopping 36 percent of the kids who end up being sold as sex slaves in this country. That is truly appalling. No child should be subjected to such a horrifying existence.

In the state of Georgia it is currently estimated that a staggering 7,200 men, most of them in their 30s, will seek to buy a sex with underage girls every month, averaging somewhere around 300 a day. A child could end up being raped by a total of 6,000 men during a five-year period.

There are anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 kids of both sexes that are bought and sold for sex in the United States on a yearly basis. This is absolutely disgusting.

Just look at how oversexualized our culture has become. Young girls have been transformed into sex objects right before our very eyes through advertising for clothing stores. When you have stores that are actually attempting to sell thongs for tween girls, it’s become obvious that we are slowly losing our sense of right and wrong.

When a country can’t protect its children from predators, when a nation goes ahead and accepts that it’s okay to violate kids sexually, you can guarantee the hammer of God’s judgment is about to fall. And when that bad boy falls, there will be nothing left in its wake.

If we truly value our way of life, we need to step up and do something to end this madness. Jeffrey Epstein was just the first major piece of the puzzle concerning this disgusting pedophilia underneath our culture. We must dig this cancer out of our society and hold these individuals accountable for their crimes. If we don’t, our country, which was built for a moral people, will surely fall.

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  1. I can assure you that this is one reason that biden wants the borders open: so that he can provide more children on demand for all his pedophilia friends, political cronies, and family.

  2. maybe the parents if these kids need to be gased, and the perverts hung upside down in town squares all around America so the people can torture them tell they leave this planet

    • I agree with you … in a lot of cases the children are kidnapped …. some come directly from social services groups that take the children away from the parents some times for non existing reasons !!! We as Americans need to help save these children from These perverted pedophile predators !!!

    • If you do that you would be a racist….c’mon man we have a pedophile running our country as we speak…and piss off Mark Cuban!!!


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