There’s A Very Good Chance Justin Trudeau Is Communist Dictator Fidel Castro’s Son

June 13, 2018 7:00 pm  

( – As if you needed another reason why Justin Trudeau is the quintessentially awful leftist politician, there’s actually a very convincing theory that he is the illegitimate son of Fidel Castro, the late dictator of communist Cuba.

This sounds like something right out of parody, until you consider the evidence.

To begin with, they look stunningly similar, in a way that seems to be far beyond coincidence. Take a look, and tell me the similarity is not uncanny:

Now, you may ask, isn’t Justin Trudeau the son of the former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau? Yes, this is of course who we have always understood to be his father, and he clearly followed in his footstep–although if Castro is his illegitimate father, he’s certainly following in his footsteps too, at least without any of the former’s masculinity.

Here’s the thing: Trudeau’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, was a well-known party girl and adulteress, as Freedom Outpost explains:

Margaret Trudeau would have had many chances to have had a tryst with Castro during the time necessary for conceiving Justin since much contact was made between Pierre Trudeau and Castro during the late 1960s and their famous meeting in 1976 when the Trudeau family visited Castro in Cuba.

During the 1976 meeting, a special fondness can plainly be seen between Castro, Margaret and baby Justin.

During the 1970s, Margaret Trudeau had a history of wild parties and would disappear for days in her promiscuous lifestyle, having many affairs with actors like Jack Nicholson and various recording artists, which was responsible for her divorce from Pierre in 1984.

Margaret would have had plenty of time to have flown to Cuba to be with Castro during her years of living such a wild life. In those days, Margaret spent most of her time drunk and high, and may have been in such bad shape that she herself doesn’t even remember the night her and Castro spent together. Margaret Trudeau also had an affair with Ted Kennedy in 1974.

Justin even looks like Castro as a baby.

This seems like a pretty big coincidence if you ask me!

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