‘The Squad’s’ Rashida Tlaib Uses Multiple Names While Hanging Out With Some Very Suspect Characters!

(Gateway Pundit) – Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib is famous for being a member of the leadership group in the Democrat Party known as ‘The Squad’. What is unknown is why she uses multiple names while hanging out with some suspect men!

Michigan representative Rashida Tlaib is very active. In 2016 she was recorded being thrown out of an event for then candidate Donald Trump:

But that isn’t all. Research shows that Tlaib has some very suspect relationships and activities.

For one, Tlaib has used multiple names over her career. Something that the average American would find puzzling. Between Tlaib and her ex, she has used so many names in documents and other forms of registrations (even after she was already married)? As you can see from the table below, some of these aren’t name reversals or alternate spellings –

Tlaib’s ex appears as well to have multiple personalities –

Now it looks like Tlaib is hanging out with some sort of gangster –

Just like her counterpart and sister in the squad, Ilhan Omar, who really is this person, Rashida Tlaib?

Why does she use multiple names and what sort of people is she hanging out with?

Time will tell!



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