“The Next Thing I Know I Was Coming To. They Actually Knocked Me Out” – Catholic Victim Speaks Out After Brutal Beating By Leftist With Brass Knuckles At St. Louis Statue

(Gateway Pundit) – Last week The Gateway Pundit organized a prayer rally at the Statue of St. Louis on Art Hill on Saturday morning in Forest Park.

In response to our prayer rally violent leftists and Black Lives Matter organized a counter rally and smeared the Catholic Prayer rally as a KKK event.

For the record the KKK, a Democrat Party offshoot, targeted and killed Catholics.

We have covered the rally extensively here at The Gateway Pundit. Several priests were at the St. Louis Statue. Several Catholics were at the statue. And dozens of violent leftists and Black Lives Matter activists showed up to disrupt and hurl profanities at the Catholics and Christians assembled at the statue of St. Louis.

Here is one video from the rally during our praying.

Several Catholics remained at the statue after the prayer service and several leftists were there to cause trouble.

At one point a 61-year-old Catholic man from St. Louis was jumped by the violent leftists and Black Lives Matter activists.

On Monday night we spoke with that man named “Paul” and he described his horrific ordeal.

We agreed with Paul that we would not use his last name in our article.

Paul is a devout Catholic and a devotee of Saint Louis. He has attended several prayer rallies at the monument in Forest Park the last two weeks. There are several local Catholics who recite a rosary nightly at the statue.

Paul was participating in some of the chanting at the statue when he was told by the leftist activists, “You’re not welcome here.” Paul added, “That’s when the radical Muslims said, ‘That’s the KKK!’” So Paul and several other Catholic men moved over to the other side of the statue.

Paul says the entire Black Lives Matter and leftist counter-protest was highly organized.

That is when Paul said the far left activists and members of the Regional Muslim Activist Network attacked him. “I was trying to stay away from the guy who hit me because he was hitting anybody he could. There were about four white people and we were huddled together and they came over. They said no you don’t get it. You’re not welcome here!”

Above: BLM protesters brought guns to counter-protest Catholics saying a rosary. (Via Dan Powell)

That’s when the violence started. The leftists pushed Paul and then grabbed one of the Catholic men by the throat and held him up against the statue. Another man said to me, “When he hits him. I’m hitting you.” Paul said then some white guy was pouring pink liquid on his head so Paul went after the white guy and knocked the liquid out of his hand. Then Paul says that’s when they jumped on him, “The next thing I know there were people on my back and I got hit. And the next thing I know I was coming to. They actually knocked me out. Yeah, it knocked me out.” Paul says they got photos of everything else except him on the ground by the St. Louis statue unconscious.

They beat him with brass knuckles.

Via Dan Hinrichs.

The thugs broke his glasses. He went to the ER to get a brain scan and to get his jaw looked at.

Paul then described how when he came to there were protester “medics” there to help him. These so-called “medics” are a typical addition to many far left rallies. Their purpose on this occasion was to attend to Catholic victims after they are beaten unconscious by leftist protesters. Two “escorts” then offered to walk him back to his vehicle. These are also far left activists who pretend to be there to care for people who are beaten unconscious or hurt in the violence. This is common today at numerous rallies across the country. The rallies are highly organized and well funded.

When Paul showed the “medics” his busted lip they offered him a Band-Aid. They were expecting violence. They always do. Paul says, “They were bullshit medics.”

Paul also said the organized left had walkie-talkies and were communicating with each other.

Paul said his escort was a Teamster.

Paul said, “They get their heavy to create an incident and beat somebody’s head in. Then they get that person to leave by giving them their “medical attention.” The left only had the medics there because they knew they were going to be beating heads in. This is really sick.”

And the sickest think is these “medics” and “escorts” believe they are the good guys.

Paul is recovering this week at his home in St. Louis.

Featured image credit: facebook.com/roblstone



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  2. There are Muslim terrorist and domestic terrorists that make up BLM. Apparently they cannot take a person o e on o e they gang up on the vulnerable like the elderly and a lone person young or old. Sorry but the silent majority cannot keep quite any longer. We need to speak up and often. We have. Voices too and these Democrat controlled states are not even asking just jumping up and doing what ever BLM and Antifa want. The longer we set back waiting for someone to do something the worse it gets. Pretty soon America will be gone and we have communism. This is what it is all about. It is not about justice it is about power. If Democrats get in we will be come a China a brutal communist dictator. Are you ready for that?

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  4. Exactly what is it that BLM is protesting? Almost every major American city is ran by a black person or white dem voted for and supported by blacks for the last 10, 20, 30, and 40 years. So it can’t be the equality or institutional racism they claim because it is there people in charge. Again if you blame the opportunities of the inner city or the schools then how is it that white males graduate at over 1 1/2 to twice the rate as a black male and they go to the same schools. Blacks make up about 38% of the welfare population, whites about the same. Difference is black population is about 15% with white at 62% that means that per capita 4 times as many blacks are on welfare than whites. Ironically if you look at crime stats (near equal between black and white) but when you look at population a black person is also 4 times more likely to commit a crime than a white person. So there are 3 issues here; 1) going back to who is running inner-cities “black leaders or white dems voted by the blacks are letting you down but you will continue to vote for the same losers 2) a large portion of the black community has gotten so use to the government handouts (housing, medical, food stamps, crime forgiveness, not having to go to work each day, blaming everyone else, etc) that many have just become lazy. 3) Many blacks are just too stupid to realize the dems are using them and after the next election they may be thrown another handout and will be put back on the dem plantation until the next election. So tearing down statues and beating up old guys is sure going to make your life better. This old guy is a tax payer and probably paid for your dinner last night and even your electric bill. The only one letting down the blacks are the blacks, the only one holding down the blacks are the blacks. When you are facing the white armed militias and citizens to protect our way of life-your black “leaders” have already shown they won’t do sh%t for you, do you think the dems will come to your rescue?

  5. One question, ‘where are the police when you need them?’ And these crazy hoodlums can get away with hurting people and even killing, and police, our protectors are jailed? I read crazy stuff in the media….what can i believe. I believe this country is headed for dictatorship down our long, sad road.

  6. Lock and Load . . . Aim and FIRE! Prosecute the SURVIVING CRIMINALS with STIFF SENTENCES in FEDERAL Prison. One Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Federal prison is like a Holliday Inn compared to a himax prison. I am thinking chain gang. Forced labor.

  7. Where is our well armed militia that Jefferson insisted “We the people” needed to protect the “producers ” in an event such as this?!!

  8. They are lowlife thugs & always with a group. When people start shooting the niggas/those that die means last of the scumbags.

  9. Lock and load folks….notice how they only pick on people that are old…time to take care of business patriots!!!!

  10. It will take the extermination Of 100 million POS to MAGA. And the first 100 million to be aborted is anyone who voted for Odumbo in 2012 and even thought of voting for CROOKED Hillary in 2016 and now anyone thinking of voting for OLD STINK FINGER JOE Biden.

  11. Now we do get one point and nothing else, when this did not happen the way it is protrayed in this article, in the start is says Democrats were the the funders of the KKK, and in fact that is correct but at the time the Democrats were the CONSERVATIVE party. Not the LIBERAL party they are today.
    Now when you provoke something expectt eh results, and find out both sides and then look at the actual facts. Which very seldom are the same as each sided version.

    • Now even more ridiculous revisionist history by Now Robert. The democRAT party has never been remotely ‘conservative’ unless he is trying to make a case based on comparing the party of the past to today’s party.
      Apparently the mere FACT that ‘Paul’ was beaten by ‘peaceful’ protestors doesn’t count in his fantasy world.

  12. There are clear photos of the perps, and we know that everyone who carries a valid U.S. driver’s license has their photo on its face. Why can’t the police run the photos and arrest these thugs? The Dem party supports this nonsense, and they need to be stopped!

  13. as catholics we must voice our opinions on what has happened and ask for help from the Bishops and the Pope . therwise we might loose our right to prayer. this is a bad thing and we as citizens should not go into hiding but to move ahead and stand up for what good americans died for .i was lucky my dad was drafted and when he went to report they told him to go home the war was over thanks to the people that died in that war i had a father thru my childhood and to help me grow

  14. I Agree with both CJ and Sunshine, this is ridiculous, these BLM protesters hitting an elderly Catholic man because he is praying and with brass knuckles yet! They are all cowards and fools. One day God is going to get them all!! Can’t wait, Rose S.

  15. These people are cowards. They are attacking old people. They need to be thrown in jail with no bail, and kept there for a very long time!

  16. I don’t know how much, or if the article is slanted at all. But the picture of the Black (I won’t insult ‘African Americans’ by usage) individual hitting that old man speaks for itself. If the legal process is not going to protect against circumstances like this; what is left ? I actually believe that I don’t have to suggest anything. I think the natural conclusion is inherent to sound moral conclusions….Brass knuckles no less….WTF !!!


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