The Latest Mail-In Voting Scheme Out Of Texas — Guess Which Presidential Candidate’s Campaign Is Involved?

( Exclusive) – One of the biggest lies being perpetuated by Democrats is that mail-in voting is totally safe, on the up and up, nothing to see here, as those within their own party are being caught red-handed, one right after another, in schemes meant to defraud voters, tamper with votes, and rig the election in favor of Joe Biden.

Sometimes you really have to wonder if Democrats are aware of this little thing called the internet. You would think given that Big Tech is totally beholden to the left they would be extremely familiar with the way in which the internet works but it seems more and more than they are painfully unaware of just how transparent their behavior truly is.

In no time at all Americans all across the United States can hear about stories like this one out of Texas in which Biden’s Texas Political Director and his cohorts are intentionally harvesting mail-in ballots for dead people, the homeless, and those in nursing homes and illegally filling them out.

Almost instantly Americans can read about the countless number of cases in which ordinary everyday people are going about their business and find mail-in ballots discarded in dumpsters, trash cans, and bushes.

Americans see the news almost as it happens thanks to the internet and information sharing sites like social media. The Democrats think they’re really fooling us every time they claim mail-in voting is totally safe but, in reality, they are just embarrassing themselves as we can plainly see with our very own eyes that mail-in voting is rife with fraud, tampering, and rigging.

As one would expect, all of the cases involving some form of election tampering always seem to favor Joe Biden. So, it should come as no surprise that a self-described “voter participation” group that has exclusively supported Democrats and Joe Biden himself has been caught making ballots requests for dead people on a massive scale.

The heavily biased, left-leaning Washington Post described the Center for Voter Information as having “a history of sending error-ridden mailers” but then they went on to call them “nonpartisan” despite the fact that they have singularly ever donated to Democratic candidates. Also, despite the fact that their founder and Board Chair Page Gardener has in the past worked for Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992 and Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008. Gardener has also been a vocal and aggressive online critic of President Trump.

The National Pulse reports that the organization is responsible for the sending out of over 225,000 ballot request forms to Texas resident that are deceased.

A local news station reported that one local woman has received multiple ballot request forms for her deceased husband.

“Kristen Link received four ballot request forms in the mail addressed to her husband, who passed away in 2015. Kristen thought the forms were sent by a government agency, but they came from a third-party group called the Center for Voter Information. The ballot applications are already filled out and addressed to the Bexar County Elections Administrator.”

Kristen is clearly an honest person but of the 225,000 ballots that were sent out for dead people, how many of the living people who received them will actually fill them out and send them in? That’s a scary thought.

This same group has also caused problems in the state of Virginia after they sent out more than 2 million voters official ballot applications except hundreds of thousands of those had the incorrect addresses which was attributed to an “error by the printing company.”

The news out of Texas is just the latest in the ongoing battle to fight the Democrat’s best efforts to rig this election.

If those in the media had any integrity left at all they’d be asking Joe Biden about all of these incidents. Instead, they bash President Trump for expressing legitimate and evidence-backed concerns over mail-in voting.

Featured image credit: Lindsey Bieda/Flickr

Copyright 2020.


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  5. Listen when we surrender our rights to a group that careless about our rights we get what we sowed. Those that disapprove yet say nothing and those that want to be part of the popular crowd and vote for the liars will get what they sowed. Politics is like GOD when we stand before GOD all will be disclosed and those that have tried to bring down America will pay also.

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  11. Even with all these stories of voter fraud the dumbocrats will steal this election away from us. The republicants will do nothing to stop this blatant abuse of voter fraud. The dumbocratic party is a soulless party, win at any cost is their motto. Voting in person is the best and voter ID is the main component to insure a free and fair election. Then their is their ace in the hole, violent demonstrations to disrupt the election, voter intimidation, threats of retaliation and in general chaos to upset Election Day. No matter how you look at it, this election will never really be settled by voting and the dumbocrats know that and will file endless court actions to throw the results that don’t favor their communist party. So be prepared for the story of your life that will make the twilight zone look like a Saturday morning cartoon show

  12. A voter must be registered and have Id.All states must have voting machines that can not be tampered with or connected to the internet.There are legitimate reasons for some people to mail in votes.They should not receive any favoritism by politicians for early votes.Democrats can not be elected fairly so they are trying all kinds of ways to cheat.Vote them out of office.

  13. Seems to me we have had in state after state court cases where the democrats have taken stats requirement for voter ID to task as a denying individuals of the right to vote because they “did not have a ID” which fool hardy judges accepted and now we have a free for all which is denying tens of thousands of people their legal vote via the process the democrats have installed. And they do not see this as denying us our voice?
    BE ASSURED THIS FARCE OF MAIL IN VOTES IS INTENDED TO DENY THE CITIZENS THEIR VOICE. Thousands of dead people, non citizens and multiple votes under this process ARE denying citizens their voice.

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    The Obamas, both disbarred attorneys for life , and again , plenty of substantial allegations against them for decades.
    The Bidens, Joe , another ambulance chaser turned politician has 47 year record with plenty of substantial allegations too , now including his son’s criminal activity.

    If you want a criminal as potus , by all means vote for Biden, most progressive liberal trash will !

    • If people want to live a primitive life vote Biden,Harris.Their billionaire and other very rich buddies will not support you.They will however demand your wealth.The Democrats have devolved into a parasitic gang of thieves.They have a church that is satanic.That Church is their god and government.The Republican is not a holy place either but most of the politicians have some sense of right and wrong.Democrats just don’t care.

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