The Journal News Could Have Blood on its Hands

December 30, 2012 1:52 pm  

Plan to Expose Gun Owners Backfires

(TeaParty.Org) –  The Journal News could have created unnecessary bloodshed by publishing the names and addresses of hundreds of legal gun permit holders. As of yet, no one knows the full impact of this heinous act but one thing is certain: blood will be shed.

Just days ago, despite being in violation of privacy laws, the Journal News published a list of legal gun owner permits complete with names and addresses of the permit holders. Despite this information being considered “off limits” they continued to make it public.

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Some criticize their actions as being equivalent to publishing the names and addresses of sex offenders. The Journal News treated legal gun owners like criminals and turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the full ramifications of their actions—those which could soon be felt.

Many commentators have stated this is a scarlet letter and brands gun-owning US citizens as unlawful and not within their constitutional rights; however nothing could be further from the truth. Gun ownership is fully protected by the Second Amendment as it clearly states:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It is the official position of the Tea Party that:

“Gun ownership is guaranteed under the Constitution in the Second Amendment, and must be protected at all costs.”

Furthermore, gun ownership is also a privilege and with it comes responsibility. The Tea Party has been, and continues to be, very clear on its pro-Second Amendment position supporting the full right to bear arms.

The Tea Party is also aware of unintentional consequences of which we will clearly and concisely cite so the world can know the precise ramifications of the actions by The Journal News.

First, publishing the names and addresses of legal gun owners sends a clear signal to burglars, vandals and criminals. Unintentionally, (or ignorantly), a public statement has been made that there are homes that will offer no resistance and cannot offer resistance to intrusion, invasion, burglary and illegal entrants. Such a notice can easily be accessed by criminals with the simple act of buying a newspaper. Therefore, as criminals read the long list of individuals who are legal gun permit holders, the criminal now knows what houses to avoid.

Conventional thinking follows that these houses have individuals publicly known to have firearms in them, therefore, the likelihood of being shot and possibly killed just by entering into these homes carries with it an increased risk.

It doesn’t take a genius criminal to decide to head straight for the houses where no permit is registered—homes that likely cannot offer any resistance.

Unintentionally, The Journal News gave additional protection to the homes of gun owners whose names were made public—yet made homes without handgun registration permits a target for criminals. It’s like giving criminals with malicious intent a free pass.

What started out as a vendetta against gun owners, an attempt to make pariahs out of law-abiding citizens with legal gun permits, backfired.

Now that this information has been made public, the criminal will focus his efforts on people with no firearm permits—those that are “easy pickings.” This puts families, moms and dads, children, grandparents and others at risk. It increases the odds of property damage including broken windows, shattered locks and broken furniture as the criminal ransacks the house with even greater vigor and a feeling of safety knowing there is a high possibility there are no firearms in the house. The criminal only has to worry about being attacked with a common household item or perhaps a kitchen knife.

Unfortunately, the criminal will be armed because there is no restriction for him. Criminals do not file permits on the arms they purchase or steal. He will be armed and his victims who are at the residence at the time of the home invasion will be helpless and in danger.

The Journal News has unintentionally created a new class of victims. As the homes of legal gun permit holders are eliminated as targets, the concentration of unprotected homes becomes denser. The unprotected homes will be targeted, turning the new victims into nothing less than raw meat waiting to be devoured. Yet, to think the unprotected were simply handed over to the criminal faction is appalling and disgraceful. And, it’s all due to one newspaper with the audacity to think they could play judge and jury.

Criminals will now feel emboldened to invade a house that has no defense. Women, children, elderly, disabled and those deemed defenseless are now larger and more appealing targets to the armed criminal.

Another unintentional consequence of publishing the names and addresses of legal gun permit holders will no doubt show its face in court. Let’s suppose that a criminal were to break into a home of an individual who is a known gun owner. The criminal is caught in the act of burglarizing the home while the gun owner is present and the gun owner simply pulls his gun, shooting and wounding the perpetrator.  The criminal runs to his lawyer and proceeds to sue the gun owner/homeowner. The defense for the gun owner is now much stronger. Why is that?

The name and address of the legal gun owner is now public, no longer sequestered behind miles of files and privacy act protection lots. It has become open and conspicuous. In defense of the legal permitted gun owner, the attorney can argue:

“Your Honor, the criminal had full access to all of those individuals who were legally permitted gun owners in that neighborhood. The criminal assumed a deadly risk by entering into a home where he knew a legal, permitted gun owner resided and by entering into the home illegally, he assumed the deadly risk, knowing full well he could face injury and possibly death by his illegal entry. Therefore, the result would be quite obvious: the criminal was injured by his own actions by increasing his risk of harm or even death, knowing full well that this was a home where a gun owner lived. By virtue of the fact that the owner of the home had purchased the gun meant that he also had ammunition for the gun and was thereby in a position to protect his home and property.”

The Tea Party believes in the Second Amendment and in the privacy of individuals and endorses the right to protect one’s home from criminals.

The unexpected results from publishing the names and addresses of legal and permitted gun holders, while an invasion of privacy and potentially considered a felony, will no doubt result in more home invasions and more deaths.

The incidents of helpless individuals who suffer injury or death at the hands of the armed criminal could very well increase as a direct and unexpected result of one media outlet’s irresponsible actions. Blood could flow like a river from the hands of The Journal News for if it had not published the names and addresses of legal and permitted gun owners, criminals would’ve never known which houses don’t have firearms. As a result, criminals would’ve simply found another location.

The rash arrogance and shocking ignorance of The News Journal has backfired, putting innocent men, women and children, unable to defend themselves, in danger.


Steve Eichler – CEO – Tea Party/

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