The Executive Order That President Trump Just Signed Into Law Is Going To Have A Huge Impact On… Biden’s Investments

( Exclusive) – President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday that was sent over to Speaker Pelosi who was all kinds of busy impeaching the commander-in-chief for the second time in the last two years. The EO seems to be specifically directed toward the Bidens and any American citizen who is working with the Chinese to help enhance their military apparatus.

A report from Gateway Pundit says that President Trump issued the Executive Order on Monday. It prohibits U.S. securities investments that help to finance the Chinese Communist Party’s military companies. Then on Wednesday, the president sent an email to Pelosi regarding the same order.

Trump stated in the email that the EO includes the trade of public securities related to China but also covers derivatives that are related to those securities as well.

The question on everyone’s mind is why he sent this email to Speaker Pelosi? Does she have investments in China? Was he attempting to point something out to her? Is it required by law that he send her the EO? Very strange.

However, it certainly seems that Hunter Biden’s security firm which is based in China is going to be impacted by this law.

“With as concerned as the left has been about a bank account Trump has in China, perhaps they should pay a bit more attention to the fact that Hunter Biden and the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry were operating a venture capital firm with Chinese State-Owned Entities like the Bank of China” A Red State report from October 2020 said.

“Heinz left the partnership when Hunter and Archer joined the Burisma board, but Hunter still owns 10 percent of BHR through his investment firm, Skaneateles LLC. His share is conservatively valued at $50 million, according to the report,” the report continued.

Guess how much of BHR is actually owned by the Bank of China? It’s more than 50 percent.

Was this a swipe by President Trump at the Bidens for the stolen election? It could be. In fact, it looks likely that it is. And boy do these crooks deserve it. They’ve been scratching China’s back so they can get their pockets filled, totally using Joe Biden’s influence and political clout to make themselves rich.

The corruption knows no bounds.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. My brothers in Christ, good job MR president very proud of You for fighting up to the last second. Keep up the good work for the next four years to you our president again here

  2. My zzz brothers in Christ, good job MR president very proud of You for fighting up to the last second. Keep up the good work for the next four years to you our president again here


  4. My question is, why has this not always been illegal. And the only answer that makes sense is, they are marking a killing dealing with China. For them (the traitors) it’s ok that innocent Americans will pay the price probably with their lives.

  5. It obviously time for action but f Biden begins the Economic Collapsed of America thru more Covid19 BS!
    We need to open and work or this depression will make the 10 years of misery in the 1930’s a peaceful protest! Can’t imagine anyone with more not be impacted this time by those with a lot less or NADA!

  6. Sounds like a good order to me, but (except in the cases of Trump reversing Obama’s unconstitutional orders) the upcoming Faux-President will just reverse it.

  7. CHOPPERPILOT, The answer to your question, It gets by the IRS and the DOJ because neither one of them will ever bother to investigate, WHY because they are DEMOCRATS and they are a VERY LARGE PART of the Washington swamp.
    Swamp Rats will NEVER GO AFTER one of their own, WHY? SIMPLE Swamp Rats wont prosecute one of their own, WHY? Brcause if one of them goes down they all go down because they are joined at the hip one is just as corrupt as the other.

    • It’s who you know in the “ District of Corruption “ , the majority are unelected career bureaucrats who , in my opinion, are part of the problem.

      Recent polls have unelected bureaucrats at 130% democrats .

  8. We use to be a country of law and order now we have laws but they are optional depending on your point of view for the day . Kinda like your gender which appears to be depended on your point of view for the day.

    Why pass laws if the democrats re lawless? Look what they did to our election laws to steal the Presidency and NO ONE HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE, AND THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED. . . CONTROL WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Now they are enbolden to stel what ever they want and the “want” is the ruling judgement they follow.

  9. People are so dumb that they cannot see . Fox is dying and their answer is to reschedule all the programs .
    They need to take a lesson from Donald Trump . the American people are faithful to his stand, BECAUSE OF HIS STAND, not his personality or any other non important element. It is the policies of the people he has fought for . . . not the policies of the those in charge that Trump fought for, the elite. the stupid people do not understand this lesson. that we value that the government is for the people, by the people and estblished by the people, and NOT VIA A VOTER FRAUD ELECTION.


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