The Bizarre Reason Why Transgender Creep Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv Claims He Couldn’t Go Swimming

( – By now, most normal folks have probably had just about all they can handle of news of Jonathan Yaniv, the transgender Canadian who wants the world to call him “Jessica.”

For those of you who aren’t quite normal and can’t look away from this trainwreck, however, brace yourselves.

Regrettably, this latest update on Yaniv isn’t that he’s finally been tossed behind bars for his blatant predatory behavior toward minors or his insane abuses of Canada’s human rights courts in which he gleefully sues local estheticians who only serve women and, as such, refuse to perform Brazilian waxes on his “little buddy.”

Nope, today’s Yaniv update is on the fact that he had to miss out on a dip in the city pool a while back, but not for the perfectly rational and sane reasons most of us might think of. No, folks, Mr. Yaniv had to pass on the pool in his hometown of Langley, British Columbia because he forgot his tampons.

Yes, you read that right. This biological, uterusless man is on an imaginary period and is punishing himself for his own delusions by skipping a swim.


What on earth? This is the kind of garbage that makes me wonder why the good Lord doesn’t just start hurling lightning bolts at us all.

Unfortunately, Yaniv ended up deleting the tweet after the fine folks of Twitter started called him out for what is either a clear case of attention whoredom or a hilariously insane delusion that doesn’t lend the transgender movement a whole lot of credibility.

In all honesty, either Yaniv is a sick puppy who needs to be straightened out and treated for his mania (not coddled and affirmed in his delusions by society) or he’s a predator who is taking advantage of woke culture’s love for all things trans for his own nefarious purposes.

PJ Media’s John Ellis tells it like it is:

This is absurd, right? We can all see that, right? A man refusing to get in a pool because his period started and he forgot his tampons is like a rejected Monty Python sketch acted out in a maze of fun-house mirrors. And, yet, you and I know that if you share this article criticizing “Jessica” Yaniv, your leftist family and friends will cluck their tongues at you, at best. At worst, they’ll openly brand you as hateful and a transphobe; they’ll report you to the thought police and you’ll run the risk of being banned from social media for daring to question the validity of a man claiming that he can’t go swimming because he forgot his tampons.

I used to believe that the sexual revolution would move so far into the absurd that the left would wake up and say, “Okay, that’s enough.” Now, though, I’m no longer sure that’s going to happen. If “Jessica” Yaniv’s nonsense becomes part of leftist orthodoxy, our society is already finished.

If the Canadian government doesn’t step in and do its job of dealing with people like Yaniv, surely this sick society is long overdue for some fire and brimstone.


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