The Beast System Rises As Christian Culture Fades

( – If you’ve stopped and looked around at America today, it should come as no shock that Christianity as a culture is dying. The basic Christian principles that used to unite Americans and hold back the darker sides of human nature are diminishing from the social scene, on the way to extinction.

Pastors are afraid to speak out against sin, instead opting for messages that have no substance leaving attendees no better than when they arrived. The purpose of solid Christian preaching is to convict our hearts and minds of the wicked things we are so inclined to participate in. It holds back society from moving in a direction that is against our own interests.

Nowadays not only are Christians living lives devoid of moral standards but churches themselves are turning their backs on Christianity. Churches around the country are hosting drag queen story times while others are holding Ramadan celebrations. Pastors everywhere are going to great lengths to make sure they don’t offend the “protected” classes.

Shockingly, a recent survey done by Barna, found that half of the pastors in the United States are afraid to speak out on moral and social issues because “people will take offense.”

This is a great disservice to Christianity and to those seeking for the truth. Christianity is a beacon in a world of darkness. So many people know they need to find the light but with so many churches hiding the light under bushels, it makes it impossible to find. It used to be the light that exposed the darkness in society.

According to a report by Daniel Taylor for Old-Thinker News, “Recent polls are suggesting that many Americans are leaving the church, and more are identifying as having no religious affiliation. Pew research found that, ‘The country is becoming less religious as a whole, and it’s happening across the board’.”

Ed Stetzer, a professor at Wheaton College said, “People with low levels of religious commitment are now more likely to identify as religiously unaffiliated.” He added, “Christianity in America is not dying, but nominal or cultural Christianity is.”

In other words, there are still around the same number of committed Christians but now individuals who 50 years ago would have identified as Christians (despite not being overly active) are now claiming no religious affiliation and also living with fewer Christian principles present in their lives.

Christian Churches in America are now compromising on Christ to make “protected” classes feel more comfortable. According to the report by Daniel Taylor, the Lutheran Church of the Messiah in Brooklyn, NY was built in 1908 and now hosts drag queen story time for Children. They are not the only ones to open their doors to this wickedness. Kindred Montrose Lutheran Church in Texas hosted an event and put on their Facebook page, “It’s a beautiful day for Drag Queen Story Time…”

Perhaps more disturbing is the trend towards inviting Muslims to come into Christian churches to celebrate ISLAMIC holidays such as Ramadan. Yes, you read that right. Churches inviting Muslims in to celebrate Islamic holidays. This is absolutely unfathomable.

Christianity and Islam are antithetic. There is no reason for Churches to be partaking in the celebration of Islamic holidays or inviting Muslims in to teach about the Quran. The Second Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY, hosted a Ramadan celebration this year and a church in England offered to cover crosses during Ramadan.

The Christian churches of America used to be the predominant influence over society and culture. Now the liberal agenda has become so pervasive it has not only beaten out Christianity as the main influencer of society but churches are now being taken over by it. Bible-believing Christians are finding they are now on the outskirts of society. It is scary to think where this road is taking us and how Christians will be treated in the near future if something does not change.

As the church goes, there goes America.


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