The 1st Deep State FISA Warrant On Page Was The 1 In 10,000 Denied By The Court – For Some Reason DOJ IG Horowitz Left This Out Of His Report!

(Gateway Pundit) – On March 7,2017 we reported the following –>>

The FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance) Court is in the news this weekend after President Trump tweeted that former President Obama had petitioned a court twice in order to wire tap current President Trump when he was running for office. [At this time we were not aware of the multiple renewals of the Carter Page FISA warrant application used to validate spying on President Trump.]

In his first tweet President Trump tweeted:

Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

He next tweeted:

Is it legal for a sitting President to be “wire tapping” a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!

The FISA Court was put in place in 1978 when Congress enacted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA):

The Court sits in Washington D.C., and is composed of eleven federal district court judges who are designated by the Chief Justice of the United States. Each judge serves for a maximum of seven years and their terms are staggered to ensure continuity on the Court. By statute, the judges must be drawn from at least seven of the United States judicial circuits, and three of the judges must reside within 20 miles of the District of Columbia. Judges typically sit for one week at a time, on a rotating basis.

Pursuant to FISA, the Court entertains applications submitted by the United States Government for approval of electronic surveillance, physical search, and other investigative actions for foreign intelligence purposes. Most of the Court’s work is conducted ex parte as required by statute, and due to the need to protect classified national security information.

Only two in over 10,000 applications were turned down by the FISA Court.

According to ABC News:

More than a thousand applications for electronic surveillance, all signed by the attorney general, are submitted each year, and the vast majority are approved. From 2009 to 2015, for example, more than 10,700 applications for electronic surveillance were submitted, and only one was denied in its entirety, according to annual reports sent to Congress. Another one was denied in part, and 17 were withdrawn by the government.

A very disturbing fact about the wire tapping request of President Trump is that the FISA Court turned down President Obama’s Administration’s first request to wire tap President Trump that was evidently signed off on by Attorney General Lynch. With only two applications denied out of 10,700 from 2009 through 2015, the fact that the Obama Administration’s application was denied by the FISA Court is very disturbing. The odds of this happening were 0.02%.

The Obama Presidency is clearly the most corrupt in US history.

Horowitz remains silent on this in his 450 plus page report –>>

According to the FISA Report on page 412, Obama’s Deep State DOJ and FBI decided to move forward with obtaining a FISA Warrant to spy on Carter Page and therefore candidate Trump in mid-August of 2016:

We also now know that this is when Deep State lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page discussed the insurance policy via texts on August 15, 2016 –

The DOJ OIG FISA Report does not mention that the first FISA warrant for Carter Page was denied. It only states that the Deep State attempted to put together information to obtain a FISA warrant on Carter Page in August 2016 and by September, the Deep State believed they had enough information to obtain the warrant.

We know that the first FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page and Trump was obtained in October 2016 shortly before the 2016 Presidential election. This now confirmed garbage report was then renewed three times.

Omissions like this leave the reader to question the validity of the the entire FISA Report. Was more than this omitted from the massive report? If so, why?

Hat tip D. Manny


  1. If I remember correctly the application was denied several times by an FISA judge and then the judge was replaced before presenting the application that was accepted. More maneuvering by the Deep State.

  2. Please take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s Youtube video, The Democrat Hydra and it will be clearer why Democrats continue to act the way they do. It is intentional and it is dangerous. Bold Republican politicians know, the Dems are not going to stop, even after the impeachment fiasco is over. There are still millions of other US citizens that WE need to reach so the 2020 election is a landslide.

  3. Obama should be called in to testify UNDER OATH, but he likely would answer questions the same way Hillary did, UNDER OATH during the Benghazi investigation in Congress…. and the same way Comey did UNDER OATH during the Fake dossier collusion investigation in Congress …. “I don’t remember, I don’t recall”. Can you believe, the top guy at FBI, Comey, said those lines, UNDER OATH, over 250 times the day he was questioned. TWO HUNDRED FIFTY SOME TIMES. And Hillary’s memory during her Congressional questioning, was equally the same. Why is it that they go around babbling at the mouth “NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW” and yet, that doesn’t apply to them??? Here’s a GREAT ONE FOR YOU, Bill Clinton must think he’s ABOVE THE LAW, TOO ….. but he should be arrested and sent away forever, for being a pedophile. Lots and lots and lots of association with his buddy, Jeffrey Epstein! And whatever truly happened to him is still being looked at and it should be!

  4. The FISA procedure is subject to way to much corruption. We need to push our legislators to get rid of the FISA courts and law enforcements use of a invasion on the peoples rights. No representation for the accused is just wrong. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The absolute power of this process lives up to this old saying. If the rich and powerful are treated this way, what chance do ordinary citizens have. Our politicians need to be held responsible for creating this unjust system. The whole FISA process smells including the judges who accept law enforcements word without challenge.

  5. Instead of working to fight organized crime and deter gun crimes, etc, these top brass of the FBI 7th floor, being paid by us the taxpayers, worked against our candidate for President, illegally and while being paid by us to work for our safety. Just Plain Sick.

  6. Domestic spying on American citizens by the CIA used to a serious crime.
    Guess under Obama everything was permissible because………/ you know.

  7. This crowd in the Democratic Party can only described as disgusting. They have all taken Oaths to uphold the duties of their office and the welfare and security of the United States, and they have done None of the above. They’re an embarrassing, self serving bunch of disgusting trash. Why THEY have not been prosecuted already, I have no idea.

    • He’s crazy like a fox! Look at his always expression look eyes and you’ll understand that he plotted all the way what kind of report he’d release. He’s been together with all those he was then ask to check out he brought up the most evasive report he could come up with. And all the media, including Fox News, have had nothing but great words for his integrity! Great work MSM, media/democrat slaves!

  8. What do you expect from an BHO holdover. Why when I type a reply…,this site says I have typed this before. Can you say “ don’t like my response?”

  9. Too bad you won’t hear this on the evening news; just the same ole rhetoric over & over. Oh to actually have news on these make believe news stations; that would be so refreshing.

  10. The few that believe in fascist enforcement will use process crimes, like if you don’t sing the song they need the hear, you will be charged with,like you mailed the letter30 years, you licked the stamp 10 years, your tax preparer made a 2 dollar mistake 50 years. And the anti American lefties will jump for joy as long as it not them.


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