Thanks Democrats! NY Man Arrested For Violent Random Assaults On White People In The Street (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – New York police arrested 33-year-old Todd Lyons for several street attacks on unsuspecting white people.

Lyons was charged with three counts of hate crimes assault.

Lyons attacked one young woman with a brick in the back of the head when she was not looking.

New York NBC reported:

Todd Lyons, 33, of Manhattan, was arrested and charged with three counts of hate-crime assault and three counts of assault, the NYPD said on Saturday.

His attorney information wasn’t immediately available. It wasn’t clear why he wasn’t charged for the fourth alleged attack.

Police say four people were attacked at night — the most recent assault coming Aug. 14. Cops said they may have been targeted because they are white.

Todd Lyons assaulted random white people on the street in Manhattan.

CBS Local reported:

The incidents happened on Aug. 9 and Aug. 14.

Lyons is accused of pushing a 56-year-old man to the ground, hitting a 64-year-old woman with a wooden stick and throwing a brick at a 20-year-old woman, hitting her in the back of the head.

Police say Lyons also allegedly struck a 58-year-old man in the face and made anti-white statements. The victim suffered a bloody nose.


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