Texas Lawmakers Consider Secession In The Face Of Democrat Marxist Takeover — Are Other States On Board?

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – And this just might be how it leads to civil war.

Our nation has been divided for years now—torn apart by the far-left progressive policies and unhinged hysteria that has been lobbied at President Donald Trump and his supporters as a whole as the ideology of the Democrat Party became rendered wholly unrecognizable as anything even remotely American.

The Democrat primaries put on display all the worst policies that the Democrats are flirting with—and their full willingness to bow to both the hipster progressives in the House with their Democratic socialism and antisemitism and our enemies overseas like China and Iran.

President Donald Trump appealed to the millions of Americans who had been left in the dust by politicians more interested in amassing personal wealth for themselves by selling our nation out to our enemies all while being slandered as “racists,” “bigots,” and “xenophobes.”

The tech tyrants and woke corporate America have worked to isolate, silence, and censor any Americans who dare think for themselves, scrutinize the merits of progressive identity, or defend free speech and the fair exchange of ideas in the digital public square.

Nonetheless, with a carefully crafted and underhanded information manipulation campaign as well as far-reaching vote manipulation and suppression, they’ve got the federal government under their thumb.

It is no surprise then, that there are going to be states in the union who want nothing to do with what they’ve got planned for us.

Texas lawmakers are considering secession rather than living under the Democrats far-left Marxism, and it just might be that other states are interested in joining up.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Texas Rep. Kyle Biedermann discussed such a notion with Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo on Monday.

The congressman is leading the charge to protect his state from the Democrat’s successful bid to control Washington D.C.

“This is a good move by the Texas lawmakers before Democrats steal their state like they did the swing states in the 2020 election cycle,” TGP notes.

Kyle explained to Salcedo that lawmakers are getting calls from several other states who are interested in joining the movement.

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  1. Skeptical, The Republic of Texas is the only state that joined the Union via a treaty. Provisions in the treaty included the right to withdraw from said union. Do some research before making statements not based on facts, as it would not be illegal.

  2. Just because they are thieves and liars doesn’t mean we have to live in their delusion. President Trump won that election and he’s going to serve another term. That is my truth and reality. If God is for us who can be against us. I will continue for the next 4 years to declare and honor President Trump as the sitting President no matter what those demon controlled puppets do. God isn’t done with them yet.

  3. No, you don’t want secession of any State. It would weaken U.S. as a whole.That is just what they want so it will be easier to turn each state one at a time. If this happens we’ll be just like Europe divided into multiple countries with differing languages, religions , ethnicities, and all bordering on each other.

  4. Mr Robert,
    April 1861……. who gives a crap what Washington thinks, an oppressed people will fight, the talking is over, because no one is listening anymore. You can’t believe the politicians , the media, no one…..

  5. I am personally heartbroken, disgusted and mad as hell. If Texas secedes I want to become a Texan. I am a hardworking, law abiding, God fearing woman. The United States no longer reflects my values and beliefs and I no longer consider myself an American. I’m a Christian and that’s it.

  6. Secession of red states will totally ensure the other States go completely broke, which most of them are. They’ll be in the third world though one can make the case they’re there already.


  8. If Texas should secede, there are several bordering states that would not be too opposed to joining Texas. This includes Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas,Oklahoma and Arizona and possibly some western states. It most cases it would go against the Constitution, but what the hell, the Dems have already thrown it in the garbage can anyhow. Oh yeah…and Robert you old commie bastard, go to hell.

  9. There are many red states in the heart land and south. At least these states can join into a financial confederation and unite against the coastal state tyranny against us. We need to stand together to thwart their secular arrogance .

  10. It’s also unconstitutional for Atty Generals or Governors to change voting regulations! We just saw that done ,wholesale ! Or should we not believe our lying eyes!!!!

  11. I suppose this does not say much for the people who elect these idiots to their Government, and school child who has had any Constitutional courses knows that no State except the 13 original states can leave, according to their contract with America USA Government, which says all the other states must agree to the state leaving the Union, and a SCOTUS ruling says that the only way a State can leave is by majority consent of both houses of Congress and 3/4 of the states agreeing. Stirring up people with false hopes should in itself be a crime, and only the facts should be available, unrest is what destroys anything from families to Governments, it needs to stop and both sides start talking and leaving the BS out of the conversation, the founding fathers said on more than one occasion that political parties would be the down fall of this new Country and they are close to being right at this point. We let wanabee Dictator almost destroy all international relations unless it made him money like with Saudi Arabia, and the President of this Great USA got laughed at on the World Stage for his policies of wanting to be a King, the USA is suppose to be a beacon of light to those Autocratic Counties, and now it seems we under Trump are no better than them. No Government can be run like a Corporation it must be run by people who are experienced in politics, and can get an agreeable job done agreed to by the majority not the minority.

    • Since when do Democrats care about the Constitution! Only in that narrow boundaries where it suits them!!! Other than that they call it a outdated document!!

    • You don’t understand…the Constitution is only brought up by the Democrats when it favors them, and they “interpret” what it says. Time for us to leave… you go to California and teach them. We’ll go on without you.

    • When Texas joined the union it was by treaty, one provision of which is that they can withdraw from the union at their option. So if they want to leave, they can!

    • It’s also against the constitution to steal elections, have foreign countries counting and fixing our vote, states certifying an illegal election… We have the duty and a God given right to defend Our Republic from enemies foreign and domestic!!!

    • “Robert” belongs to the new Amerikkka. He would like to see the new flag representing his new county be the ….rainbow flag, of course, with an inset of Hussein and Mike Obama in the middle of it.

    • Robert: not only can it be run like a corporation, it should be. We’ve had decades of politicians running it like it was their personal means to power and money. Publicly traded Corporations have governing boards, much like the House and Senate could be and have value based on stockholders assessment of worth, much like the Citizenry should be. Government has become far too bureaucratic and slow and those in power far too corrupt and hypocritical.

  12. I don’t want to see Texas leave the United States of America. What I want to see is 50 states as the United States of America, and all of the sanctuary cities joined as the United Cities Against America. They get one representative, one senator, and they can beg for anythng else, since they are the worst lawbreakers of the country!

  13. I already left. I consider myself a legal American alien. I’m legally here my federal government is illegitimate and illegal and unconstitutional.

    • I have felt like that for years. It is not a democrat or republican thing it is a American thing.and both sides are equally to blame. They have taken the best country in the world and turned it into a banana republic. And China Russia Mexico have funded the whole transformation. Money hungry congress and now all the American companies are selling out to China. They are slowly taking over without firing a shot.


    Tell us how many suspects did the DOJ pursue when cities burned and police were closed into their station and the building was set on fire? How many Suspects did the DOJ prosecute who looted and burned businesses and killed people attempting to protect their homes or businesses? How many people did the DOJ pursue who shot and killed or harassed people walking away from a conservative rally? How many did they pursue? What this all tells us, the People of this country, is that we are of no value to the DOJ and laws do not matter but only the will of the powerful .

    • don’t forget the utter silence and obstruction the fbi and doj have done in holding accountable the perpetrators of a coup…one person and everyone else goes free… comey ,Clapper, yates, stock, page obama all walking free when they should be doing hard time. the fbi is a totally corrupt organization and should be disbanded.

    • Ya, Comey and Ovomit are guilty of treason and sedition but being democrats they can’t be prosecuted for their criminal acts.


    One problem, Biden was not duly elected! The evidence does not support that he was elected. To continue to ignore this reality is a mental illness.

    • Right! All we have seen is those with the responsibility to PROVE that Biden was duly elected, refused to do so!

  16. Divide and conquer tactics means that should Texas do the illegal and unthinkable, they will only be destroyed at a different time as just a state. DUMB!

    • But you think it’s smart to roll over? If we don’t believe in what the democrats want us to do, we HAVE to make a statement that means something: secede.

  17. This does not surprise me. I think many of us are really fed up with our government, Bid Tech and many of the large companies.

  18. If that ever happened how would today’s progressive liberal trash ever survive without another man’s income folks ?
    Who will pay the bloated salaries of the elected and unelected ?


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