Terrifying Discovery Made In Van In Philly During Third Night Of Rioting

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Local law enforcement in Philadelphia discovered a van loaded with explosives and other “suspicious equipment” during the third night of rioting and looting that rocked the city Wednesday evening.

According to Summit News, local media in the city reported that “police recovered propane tanks, torches and possible dynamite sticks from the van.”

The report goes on to add, “The bomb squad is on the scene at this hour.”

Folks, things are getting super scary out there. Radical leftists are starting to become more brazen and emboldened by their hatred for American values, seeking to use violence and theft as weapons to force political change on the United States. They may say they are doing this to fight against police brutality, but that isn’t really the case.

This information comes not long after President Donald Trump said that police in Philly were told to “stand back” and not stop any of the rioting or looting.

Honestly, this wouldn’t be all that surprising. That’s pretty much what law enforcement has been told to do in other riots that went down earlier this year in other major cities across the country, giving these miscreants full reign to do whatever they pleased.

“People are breaking into stores and walking out with washing machines and walking out with all sorts of things and it shouldn’t be allowed,” the president said, going on to add “The police were told to stand back, and maybe that’s not so but that’s what I was told upon very good authority.”

Mayor Jim Kenney put the crime wave on blast Wednesday saying that, “The looting that has taken place is distressing.”

“It is clear that many of these folks are taking advantage of the situation, harming our businesses and communities, and doing a great disservice to those who want to protest the death of Walter Wallace, Jr.,” the mayor said.

“We cannot allow others to destroy property. I have requested the assistance of the PA National Guard. Their role will be to safeguard property, prevent looting, and provide operational and logistical assistance to @PhillyPolice and other departments,” Kenny stated.

Our nation has become so fractured and splintered over racial matters that one has to wonder if it’s even possible for us to bounce back from all of this. The vast majority of the division is the result of false narratives pushed by the mainstream media, pawns of the Democratic Party, who want to see civil unrest blossom like this because it gives them excuses to interfere in public life.

Make folks terrified of the civil unrest and then they will just hand over their liberty. They want power and money. This is one of the best ways for them to get what they want.

Video: Explosives Found In Van On Ben Franklin Parkway While More Looting Continued Across City

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    • Ammo and German shepherds sure help disperse the liberal filth from the streets of today’s democrat cesspool cities.

    • If Biden gets in, it will be total anarchy. I don’t know why Trump doesn’t mention it more in his speeches. Is this what everyone wants in their cities? Democrats will stand by and allow it to happen just like their doing now.

  1. It seems that the rioters will riot and loot without really having a cause. Many of these unpeaceful protests are happening in communities that have not had incidents. Many of the rioters are not even from the area in which these protests are happening. This is very concerning.

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