Tennessee Lawyer Loses Job For Supporting President Trump’s Border Security

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – An attorney who worked for the state of Tennessee has been fired due to social media posts from years ago in which he voiced his support for President Donald Trump’s plans to inhibit immigration from regions of the world known to support terror.

Trump’s much-contested policies mislabeled by the mainstream media and the Democrats as a “Muslim ban,” as WND notes, were later endorsed by the courts.

The policies simply put restrictions in migrants who came from nations that lacked the infrastructure to properly vet individuals or even known to be state sponsors of terror.

To call it a “Muslim ban” is to equate terror to radical Islam (which would not be erroneous) yet was in no way specifically targeted at adherents of the Muslim faith and Muslim migrants from nation not on the list were in no way prevented from migrating to the U.S.

Attorney Jerry Morgan, at the time, praised Trump for “talking big against Muslims,” and “said Islam was not a peaceful religion and made comments linking the faith with violence and ‘Muslim terrorists,’” writes Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch, for PJ Media.

“Did he say that Muslims were ‘the most vile of created beings’? No, that’s what the Islamic holy book, the Quran, calls non-Muslims (98:6). Did he call Muslims ‘apes and pigs’? No, that’s what the Quran calls Jews (2:63-65, 5:59-60, 7:166). Did he say Muslims were ‘unclean’? No, that’s what the Qur’an says of non-Muslims (9:28),” Spencer, who is never without relevant Islamic holy text citations, noted.

Morgan, however, was accused by a lawyer under investigation by the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, which employed Morgan, for being an anti-Muslim “bigot.”

Spencer explained that the charges came from Brian Manookian, “who according to the Tennessean ‘was suspended from practicing law last year after the Board of Professional Responsibility said he violated ethics rules by sending threatening emails.'”

Morgan was placed under investigation by the Administrative Office of the Courts, prompting his resignation.

“I have never met this attorney. I have never spoken to him. In fact, he had independent counsel file his motion and make the argument, so I did not even see him then,” Morgan explained in a piece for Jihad Watch.

“Nonetheless, the day after his motion to stay was denied, he – through his counsel – filed a motion to disqualify me as an ‘anti-Muslim bigot.’ He claimed that his wife (who I also have never met) is Muslim, and therefore I could not be an objective attorney handling the appeal. Moreover, he claimed that I was not even fit to be employed by the state of Tennessee,” he explained.

The lawyer apparently did a “deep dive” into Morgan’s Twitter account and discovered the comments he made in 2015 and 2016—four years prior to his even being employed by the state.

The tweets apparently expressed support for Trump’s controversial proposed policy relating to state sponsors of Islamic terror.

It doesn’t matter how offensive anyone might find these comments, the truth is that Islamic terror posed a critical threat to our nation and innocent people all around the world at the time Trump was running for president.

Since taking office, Trump has all but dissolved ISIS and Islamic terror has dramatically decreased—expect that to change if Biden is sworn into office.

“I have never treated anyone unfairly or with a religious bias, whether on the board or otherwise. In fact, I have worked with Muslim immigrants in Romania, while on trips to visit my wife’s family. Nor do I believe that all Muslims are terrorists. In fact, I believe that the number of Islamic terrorists is incredibly small when compared to the overall number of Muslims,” Morgan continued.

The targeted attack on him, he claims, was “based on nothing more than his own allegations that I could not be objective.”

Yet another win for “cancel culture,” he concluded.


By the time the progressives are through with their tyrannical campaign against all conservative thought, the McCarthy era will seem like a great age of personal privacy by comparison.

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  1. NOTHING will ever happen to these people who broke the law in the election including state election laws! The dems can get away with it because our justice system is BROKEN. Too bad Trump couldn’t have cleaned up the FBI totally in his 4 years! They PROTECT their own! If the worthless RINOS would have helped maybe the swamp could have been drained. However, they are all on the “take” in some form or another! How do they manage to come out multi-millionaires – definitely not from their yearly salaries!

  2. Stupidness seems to be the red badge of status these days.

    “The opening prayer was led by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, also a pastor at St. James United Methodist Church of Kansas City, Missouri.
    Cleaver prayed to “The God known by many names and faith,” before concluding, “Amen and Awomen,” appearing to ascribe gender to the traditional “Amen” conclusion of a prayer.

    Amen has never been a gender term. How can a man be so blatantly ignorant in an stupid attempt to be politically correct to please a mentally ill population of leftists and pretend that he serves God.


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