Teen Vogue Promotes “The Legacy Of Karl Marx” To Its 3.3 Million Twitter Followers

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Paul Brown/REX/Shutterstock (4065308am) The tomb of Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery, London, England, Britain London, Britain - August 2014

(TeaParty.org) – Teen Vogue has proven they are about as left as any publication can get. From teaching teens how to have anal sex to arguing that prostitution should be a legal, respectable career path, they have really taken the plunge into the liberal alternate universe. Their latest attempt at indoctrination is an article on the anti-capitalist, Father of Communism, Karl Marx and why teens should be reading his work.

The magazine tweeted out the article on June 23, referring to it as his “legacy” and telling readers they “should know” about his ideas.

Of course, the article is nothing more than a socialist, communist propaganda piece; one that Marx himself would have been proud of. The author speaks about capitalism as if it is the most oppressive economic idea on the face of the planet and paints communism as some kind of saving grace for the masses.

The article builds Marx up by giving a resume of sorts, highlighting his many accomplishments. The author says:

He was an editor of a newspaper that was eventually censored by the Prussian government for speaking out against censorship and challenging the government. His writings have inspired social movements in Soviet Russia, China, Cuba, Argentina, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and more. Many political writers and artists like Angela Davis, Frida Kahlo, Malcolm X, Claudia Jones, Helen Keller, and Walter Rodney integrated Marxist theory into their work decades after his death.

His writings have inspired “social movements” in Soviet Russia, China, Cuba? How has that worked out for those people? Are they still not living under oppressive communist rule? It’s almost entertaining that they would use these as examples of how wonderful Marx’s influence has been. Communist dictatorship rule in Cuba, for example, is a direct result of the implementation of Marx’s ideas. Cubans put their lives at risk daily to come to the United States to live. If communism is so great, why do they want to come here?

Liberals are obsessed with this idea that “lowly workers” are entitled to absolute “equality” with their superiors that they can’t even see that the very idea in and of itself is oppressive. It holds everyone down, under the thumb of the government. Do they think people just miraculously and voluntarily create equality among themselves? No. The government takes over every aspect of life and manipulates the “equality” all while living an elite life above everyone else.

The article goes on to reference a high school English teacher who is attempting to instill Marx’s communist ideas into his students through role play. Mark Brunt says he wants his students to “learn the legacy of Marx’s ideas.” For what purpose? We aren’t sure but it sure sounds like a lot of fun!

Brunt said: “I do a little role-playing with [my class]. [I tell them,] I’m the boss, you’re my workers, and you want to try to take me down. I have the money. I own the factory. I control the police. I control the military. I control the government. What do you guys have?”

He continued: “It’s always just one student, whose hand shoots up and goes, ‘We outnumber you!’”

Brunt then ostensibly uses that line of logic to try and empower students to rebel, teaching them about the tension between the proletariat and bourgeoisie, and reminding students that workers in factories “had very little control over their work, including their working conditions, compared to the profiteering factory owners.”

Of course, Brunt doesn’t point out the fact that the factory workers wouldn’t have jobs at all had it not been for the “profiteering factory owners” who had the resources and motivation to start the company. Who do the workers think they will work for when they overthrow the big, bad “profiteering” owners? Themselves? Ha!

Brunt is not alone. Educators all across the country are plugging Marx ideas and brainwashing students into believing they are the answer to the “problems” in America. Almost comically, Brunt himself points out, “False consciousness is when you think that the social conditions are different than they actually are. You’re tricked into thinking your allies are different and your enemies are different than they actually are.”

Doesn’t that sound like liberalism in a nutshell? Everything the Left does is chicanery. Now that they’ve convinced millions of Americans just how oppressed they really are, they claim to have the answers to a better life. Leftists don’t care about the American people. They only care about power and control. When they talk about equality they are talking about equality for US not THEM.

It is beyond ignorant to think that a world in which workers rise up and overthrow the boss man will lead to some kind of perfect utopia where everyone is the same. The government will always be there to keep us in our place. They can overthrow the millionaires but they’ll never overthrow the politicians; a concept yet to be realized by the millennial commies of this country.


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