America’s answer to Gun Grabbers: Youth Firearms Training Initiative

June 19, 2013 2:47 pm  


Tea Party arms today’s youth for the future

( On June 1, 2013 a significant history-changing event took place in Pennsylvania and the is proud to say that they were a major sponsor of this initiative. On this historic day, 162 youngsters came together for the Bedford County Youth Field Day hosted by the Bedford County Sportsmen’s Club.

In a coordinated effort to teach our future generation of leaders how to properly and safely use firearms, youngsters participated in a series of shooting venues. With our Second Amendment rights in jeopardy, being furthered threatened by a tyrannical government, it is essential that we ensure our youth are endowed with the right to bear arms, that their beliefs are firmly rooted in our Constitution, and that they can pick up a firearm and know how to use it should the time come.

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During this day-long event, youngsters enthusiastically learned how to shoot various firearms and participated in a variety of outdoor sporting events that also taught them to appreciate the great outdoors, our wildlife and earth’s natural resources.

The was proud to be a major sponsor of this event which was co-sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, NRA, NAHC, Pennsylvania Fish & Game Commission as well as local sporting goods stores and outdoor related businesses. Steve Eichler, CEO of the called this youth training event “…a resounding success!”

O.F. Mossberg Firearms Co. donated the .22 rifles while the remainder of the firearms used were supplied by the volunteer instructors and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. World renowned shooter and firearms instructor, John Clites, was the Lead Rifle Instructor and Range Officer.

The youth training day began with registration where youngsters were assigned group numbers and adult group leaders. Afterward, the youngsters proceeded to their assigned venues, which included: .22 rifle shooting,  muzzleloader shooting,  clay target shooting,  archery,  bird box building,  fishing,  trapping,  ATV safety,  boating safety,  RMEF nature class,  fly-tying and a Seneca Run, a nature walk and class.

The event concluded with an evaluation meeting at the clubhouse where youngsters in 3 age groups were awarded $50 gift cards for the best essays detailing what the Youth Field Day meant to them. The overall best essay was awarded a gift certificate for shooting lessons donated by NRA Certified Rifle & Shotgun Instructor and NAHC Mentor of the Year, John Clites.

The 2013 BCYFD was a resounding success thanks to the, the committee, volunteers, group leaders and the sponsors and most especially, the young people who showed a great desire to learn how to handle and use a firearm properly.

“It is opportunities like these we must seize to demonstrate the value of firearms in a caring and nurturing manner to our younger generations…to instill an appreciation and healthy respect for shooting firearms…and to demonstrate what it means to enjoy our freedoms and liberties.” – Steve Eichler, CEO

The youngsters that we influence through mentoring today are our next generation of parents, coaches, teachers, politicians, voters and leaders of  tomorrow. It is our responsibility to teach them the imperative of honoring the Constitutional rights granted by our Founding Fathers. We face a government today bent on tyranny.

It is our responsibility to fight their unjust hand and their attempts to steal our guns and wipe away our gun rights as they trample the Constitution. We must teach our future generations the same—stand up for your right to bear arms and if you own a firearm know how to use it…or be prepared to suffer a deadly fate.

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