Tea Party War Pledge












I have had enough and I am fighting back! I will not under any circumstance back off or back down until America is restored and returned to the guiding principles of our Constitution. That is why I am making this TEA PARTY WAR PLEDGE and telling Washington to get back to the Constitution.

Today, let it be known that I, the undersigned, DEMAND that you obey the Constitution. Secure our borders, protect our gun rights, end Obamacare, prosecute election fraud, balance the budget, reduce taxes, become energy independent, demilitarize the police, revoke all benefits to illegal aliens and put an end to the violating of America and her citizens.

Make no mistake. These are just a few of the reasons I and millions of other loyal Patriots are signing the TEA PARTY WAR PLEDGE. We have grown sick and tired of Obama and our government willfully trampling the Constitution. Washington is NOT above the law.


We shall prevail! Let it be known: THE WAR HAS BEGUN!

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