Tea Party Resistance Pledge


We The People RESIST the Republican Party’s vote elimination and candidate persecution. You are put on notice and not just by me, but by a groundswell of tens of millions of angry voting citizens. We will no longer stand for your soviet-style vote crush techniques.

1. We demand our vote be counted and not cancelled.

2. We demand an end to all vote-crushing restrictions and silencing of the will of people by the denial or cancellation of our vote.

3. We demand all caucuses be disbanded and replaced with a majority vote system for the selection process of the primary nominee.

4. We demand no candidate be targeted for political purging.

5. We demand one-person-one-vote be the only method of voting for choosing primary candidates.

6. We demand every candidate be thoroughly vetted as to their U.S. citizenship.

7. We demand only U.S. citizens qualify as Republican candidates.

8. We demand every presidential candidate be thoroughly vetted as to their natural born status.

Let it be known, unless unilateral reform of the Republican Party reflecting the will of the people starts immediately, I, my family, my neighbors, coworkers and my complete sphere of influence will to dump the Republican Party.

Many of us will re-register as independents and then encourage others to dump the Republican Party as well. I will encourage others to stop donating to the Republican Party both nationally and locally.

Furthermore, millions of my fellow citizens now view the Republican Party as nothing short of third world banana autocracy, where the biggest thugs with the biggest clubs rules the day and the average man not only loses his voice and his vote, but his dream of a healthy America.

I am a proud American and I hold true to the values that made this nation great.



Proud United States Citizen and Voter

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