Phone Project

Tea Party Phone Project

2 Plans To Pick From

Our Plan: To call American Households and bypass the Lame Stream Media. We are planning to call 1 Million Households in 100,000 household batches with a powerful message. Once a 1 Million Household block has been called we will move on to the next 1 million household block. Some will bang the phone, some will curse and threaten, but a few will say, YES! I want to know more. They are the ones who are the backbone of America and have been looking for the truth.


– OR-


By-Passing The Lame Stream Media 

Here are some of the things we need to pay for…

  • Renting targeted phone numbers of households across America;
  • Converting our outgoing calls into the new message of “America Must Recover;”
  • Upgrade our effective telephone scripts to “America Must Recover”
  • Pay for long distance charges;
  • Re-train and prepare batteries of live operators for this monumental task;
  • Upgrade our quality control for a uniform message;
  • Pay most fundraising costs — up front;
  • Organize our accounting staff to manage the new “America Must Recover” outgoing message;
  • Prepare our legal team for the attacks from the angry progressive liberals;
  • And so much more!

At this point, our costs are going to be staggering. We are going to cut costs and streamline this project as much as possible, but the message must be heard and heard NOW.


Time for America to recover from the Obamite’s destruction and prepare for the next battle!

I’m going to be perfectly frank. With all the discounts, cutting corners and begging for price cuts, we are still looking at a projected cost of .23 per household. Multiply that by millions of households and our projected cost could very well be over $ 230,000.00 per million households.

God knows, America is worth it.

That’s right. We must raise millions of dollars to reach American households! But get this: we are going to by-pass the Lame Stream media with unique and special telephone calls.

To hell with the Main Blame Media.

Do you want in? If not, go hide under a rock.

But, if you are as mad as hell keep reading!

Unlimited recovery phone calls! Here’s how it shake out:

If we call American households in 10 batches of 100,000 households each, equaling a total of 1 Million Household blocks then each 100,000 household batch will cost us approximately $ 23,000.00.

At first glance $ 23,000.00 seems very attainable, BUT once the process begins we cannot stop. The first batch of 100,000 households is just as important as the last batch of 100,000 households. But…we are throwing caution to the wind and going unlimited until you tell us to stop.

Here is the schedule:

Unlimited American Households — until you tell us to stop!

 “If you are as tired of the Obama Coup as I am, you will step up and be counted.”    
Steve Eichler – CEO

You had better listen up and now!

How are we going to do this?

  • Test-call a geographic area and determine if that area is ripe for our “America Must Recover” message. If it is, then on to the next step…
  • Make telephone calls to the households in the tested geographic area with thousands of calls spreading the recovery message. Once that area has been saturated, we move on to the next geographic area.
  • Systematically we’ll move across America until you tell us to stop!

Does this make sense to you? This plan will work in our favor because it allows time to raise necessary funds to call across America.

Unlimited American Households – Until You Tell Us “Stop, Our Mission is Complete!

Yes! Now you can see how important this message is! Unlimited phone calls until you tell us to stop!

How many households will you help at

.23 cents each?