Tea Party Loyalists Have Just Begun to Fight

October 20, 2013 12:49 pm  

(Dr. Jerome R. Corsi) – Let’s face it.  The Tea Party is the last great hope of saving the United States of America from financial ruin.

 Last week, the establishment leadership of the Republican Party caved in to Obama administration demands to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government without exacting any concessions on delaying or defunding Obamacare.

Watching the Republican leadership in the Senate led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner trip over themselves to surrender to the Democrats was a disgusting experience.

The point is that Tea Party Loyalists are conservatives first and foremost.  Our allegiance is to God and the USA, not to the Republican Party.

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If the Republican Party wants to be another me-too Democratic Party look-alike, then Tea Party Loyalists have no need of the Republican Party.

But even though a battle was lost, the war continues to rage on.

Truthfully, we have only just begun to fight.

Next, President Obama and his minions in Congress, including the “Gang of Eight” with Republican turncoats like Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsay Graham believe they can force through Congress a “comprehensive immigration reform bill” that amounts to amnesty.

President Obama has set the stage – the United States is no longer enforcing the immigration bills we have on the books, so why not enact amnesty?

Republican establishment leaders have been convinced by Karl Rove that Republicans must cave in on amnesty, or Republicans will lose the support of Hispanics for decades to come.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Democratic Party radical leftists backing Barack Obama have calculated the Democrats will retain the White House for the next twenty years if only Congress will pass amnesty so another 20 million Hispanics can be imported into the USA as fast as possible.

The Democratic Party lie is that the far leftist operatives behind the scene know Republicans can never give away social welfare programs to Hispanic immigrants like Democrats can.

We need to let Republican members of Congress, in both the House and Senate, know that Tea Party Loyalists will challenge in the 2014 primaries any Republican who votes to approve amnesty.

Then, in January, the fight over a continuing resolution to keep the government operating resumes; and in February, the budget ceiling debate kicks off all over again.

We need to let Republican members of Congress, in both the House and the Senate, know that Tea Party Loyalists will also challenge in the 2014 primaries any Republican in Congress who votes to raise the debt ceiling without exacting from the White House major concessions to delay and preferably to defund Obamacare.

The venom with which the Republican establishment leaders encouraged by Karl Rove have demonized Tea Party Loyalists is evidence of how effective we have been.

Now, we must be sure that Republicans and Democrats alike in Congress know that Tea Party Loyalists have no intention of giving up.

With your help, we can yet turn the tide to restore the United States to fiscal responsibility, while we root out from Congress all Democratic Party socialist supporters of Obama and the sycophantic Republican Party members of Congress who trip over one another in the rush to enter the Oval Office so they can bow and genuflect before President Obama.

With last week’s capitulation of the Republican Party leadership in Washington, Tea Party Loyalists are convinced the enemy is not only the increasingly far-left Democratic Party, but also the RINOs who control the Republican Party.

We must let patriots like Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul know we support their efforts to stand for limited government and the Constitution.

Please join me in making our voices heard loud and clear in the White House and the halls of Congress:

Hold the line on the debt ceiling by forcing the government to live within its means!

Washington needs to know that Tea Party Loyalists intend to win – either now, or at the ballot box in November 2014.

Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr. Jerome Corsi received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Political Science in 1972. He is the author of two No. 1 New York Times nonfiction bestsellers, “Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry” (with co-author John O’Neill) and “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.” In the past 5 years, Dr. Corsi has written 5 New York Times Bestselling non-fiction books. Dr. Corsi is the Senior Commentator for TeaParty.org.


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