Tea Party Congressional Warning!


We the People have had enough and we are fighting back! We will not under any circumstance back off or back down until YOU restore America and return her to the guiding principles of our Constitution. That is why we are issuing this CONGRESSIONAL WARNING.

Today, let it be known that I, the undersigned, DEMAND that you put an end to the presidential disorder and corruption:


  • Deadly and deceitful advancement of Martial Law by Obama;
  • Dangerous Executive Amnesty;
  • Government taking away Constitutional rights of American citizens;
  • Killing of Americans, their families and their livelihoods by crushing them to death with tax after tax;
  • Attacking the Tea Party by use of the IRS and abuse of power;
  • Befriending and harboring of terrorists, saying they are no longer a threat and feeding them millions of dollars to conduct their deadly activities. No more employing people of such questionable character in the White House or throughout the administration;
  • Paying lip service to the victims of Benghazi and their families as well as the Navy SEALS who died in a mission aboard a Chinook helicopter. It’s time they receive justice. Stop covering for terrorists and for your own twisted deals and lies;
  • Condemning Patriots, Christians and conservatives and labeling them as extremists. Who are the real extremists here? YOU are Washington!



The Tea Party demands that you, our elected lawmakers:

1.  Pass and enforce H.R. 4138 which provides declaratory and injunctive relief if Obama oversteps his power as president. Give legal standing to sue Barack Obama for failing to fulfill his constitutional obligations. House is authorized to bring a civil action against Obama and stop his actions once and for all.

2.  Defund the office of the president except for necessary expenses to maintain the White House.

3.  Impeach Obama for violating immigration law by not ordering deportation of captured illegal aliens thereby placing foreign nationals in a position to endanger U.S. Citizens.

Make no mistake. These are just a few of the reasons we are issuing a


Take courage we shall prevail. The WARNING has been issued!

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