Take That, Newsom! Newport Beach Celebrates 4th Of July With Beach Parties And Trump Boat Parade (Videos)

(Gateway Pundit) – Democrat tyrant Gavin Newsom shut down 19 counties in California earlier this week due to a ‘surge in COVID-19 cases.’

Newsom told millions of Californians they aren’t allowed to go to the beach on 4th of July weekend, but he kept his winery, Plumpjack Winery, located in Napa Valley open for business.

The Democrat dictator shut down 4th of July weekend but that didn’t stop people in Newport Beach, a conservative beach city in Orange County, CA from enjoying themselves on this Independence Day.

People celebrated the 4th of July with beach parties on the Newport peninsula.


Surfers were out at The Wedge in Newport, a famous surf spot known for huge waves.

A big swell moved in to Southern California so the surfers flocked to The Wedge on Saturday to surf 20 foot waves.


The police eventually showed up and fenced off The Wedge.

Newport also held their annual “Old Glory” boat parade.


There was another Trump boat parade!


Republican congressional candidate for California’s 37th district, Errol Webber, was out on the water waving to the Trump parade.




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