The Stunning Similarities Between Trump And Reagan’s First Terms That The Media Won’t Cover

November 9, 2018 5:15 pm  

( – If one adheres to the mainstream media narrative, they would believe that voters perpetually disapprove of President Trump.

Time after time, however, the numbers fail to support this idea, and the midterm elections were particularly telling.

All in all, the Democrats should definitely be worried.

The data reveals that, compared to “popular” presidents like Clinton and Obama, President Trump’s party performed better in the midterms than the Democrats did during POTUS 42 and 44’s respective presidencies.

Look at the numbers:

In 1982, when Reagan was in office, Republicans lost 26 seats in the House, and one in the Senate.

In 1994, with Clinton in office, Democrats lost 54 seats in the House, and nine in the Senate.

In 2010, during the Obama presidency, Democrats lost 63 seats in the House, and six in the Senate.

Now let’s take a look at Trump: although there were several races too close to call, it appears Republicans lost somewhere around 30 seats on Tuesday, which is less than either Clinton or Obama lost. Regan, on the other hand, only lost slightly less than 30.

Definitely not much of a blue wave.

Meanwhile, in the Senate, Republicans and Democrats all lost seats under Clinton, Obama, and Reagan.

But Trump’s Republican Senate unexpectedly gained seats–four more than Reagan did, in fact.

If the mainstream media had any interest in fairly assessing data, this would be a noteworthy story, as it is a significant political victory for Trump and the Republicans.

It also begs the question…how did this happen if Trump is supposedly so unpopular?

Voters on Tuesday seem to have indicated loudly and clearly that they support the President’s agenda.

Their voice beat out all the fervent efforts of the media and Hollywood establishment, too.

Democrats clearly overestimate their influence over voters, or at the very least, they are in sociopathic denial.

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