Stop The Steal: A Staggering 4,700 Absentee Votes In Georgia Election Are Connected To Non-Residential Addresses — This Is Insane

( Exclusive) – Judicial Watch released an announcement stating that data taken from the key battleground state of Georgia shows that over 4,700 absentee voters in the November 2020 presidential election were listed as having non-residential addresses for their place of residence.

In the state of Georgia, the law says that citizens who are registering to vote need to reside “in that place in which such person’s habitation is fixed…” In other words, you need to live where you plan to vote. Seems pretty simple and straightforward right?

According to Infowars, a total of 9,989 voters in Georgia seem to be registered to vote at non-residential addresses. About 1,882 of them are commercial addresses, while 1,136 are registered at county and state government buildings. Another 6,735 were registered to hotels or motels.

Another 215 new registrations, those that were done between November 4-December 14, for the special elections happening this week, are also linked to non-residential addresses.

Something seems really suspicious about that, doesn’t it? This is even more proof that widespread voter fraud is a real thing happening on a scale we’ve never seen before until this presidential election.

Judicial Watch actually sent out an alert to the Georgia Secretary of Office concerning the voter registration address issue back in April of 2020. So it’s not like the state wasn’t aware of the problem. It seems they just didn’t care. Or, as stated before, perhaps it was all part of the plan.

“Judicial Watch found thousands of voters in Georgia who seemed to have used non-residential addresses to register to vote. This must be immediately investigated. We are concerned about the impact on Georgia’s elections in November and today,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

Folks, the progressives in this country have made it crystal clear that they will do anything to seize complete control and power over our nation in order to implement a radical agenda that will no doubt encroach on many of the rights and freedoms we hold dear and often take for granted.

This is why it is critical for each of us to be well informed when we go to the polls and to demand our representatives examine any instance of voter fraud and hold those individuals who participate in such behaviors accountable for their actions.

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  1. Robert, you are one of the brain dead that think this election was fair and honest. Those of us who are willing and not blind, know that this election was nothing but a socialist/communist election. That is where only one candidate is allowed to win at any fraudulent cost. You need to open your eyes and actually use the Brian you are supposed to have and see the fraud for what it is. The destruction of this country. It started with the illegitimate election of Obama, with his agenda to be king. All traitors need to be executed.

  2. Now it is not hard to understand about 4700 not having a residential address, now those in the Military, or work for other Federal agencies or work abroad as many do would not have residential address on their ballot they would have the address where the ballot was sent to for them to vote, Members in Europe would have a New York address, and unless it has changed those in the orient would have a San Francisco Address, I have two friends who live in the Philippines but are Maryland residents and vote from Maryland in every election, and why would it be different in any other state. Those oil field workers who work in Saudi, would have a different address from a Texas resident, yet most are Texas or Oklahoma residents, and vote in those elections.

    • “Bob”…are you wearing your rainbow t-shirt while talking about your boyfriends living in foreign countries ???

  3. Dems and their acolytes burn, loot, and destroy cities and historic statues all 2020, and now are aghast that a small percentage of protestors protesting an obviously fraudulent election breach the Capitol. And they were probably infiltrated by Antifa, anyway…Well I got news for them: WE THE PEOPLE are not going to sit by and let these socialists and commies shred the Constitution of the United States of America … Beware! the best is yet to come !!!

  4. Secession is the only answer. Let my people go.

    We can reform our perfect union and let the blue states go to Hell by themselves.

  5. The leftist wacko democrats had again proven they can conduct a right in your face election fraud steal and the courts will not care nor will the majority of politicians on either side. The mainstream press is quasi criminal as is big tech neither of which can be trusted or believed. Democratic deep state treason has won. So sad for a once great country.

  6. Justice Roberts harassed the other justices into not taking up President Trump’s petition because he thought we would have a civil war. Well, congratulations. By Roberts’ inaction to follow the Constitution, he brought about the very thing he supposedly feared. God help us all. We witnessed the demise of the United States of America.

  7. As white Christian American patriots trying to defend our Republic in a massive rally yesterday resulting in a woman being shot by Joe Biden’s comrades at arms in retaliation for storming the capital in protest against their continued multicultural marxist tyranny, we should not allow our marxist enemies to control the narrative in order to nullify our efforts.

    We really needed stronger leadership and spokesmanship at the DC rally yesterday to get the job done right in ridding our institutions of the nefarious and infectious liberal multicultural marxist scum robbing and destroying our white Christian Republic. We failed at removing and replacing the red mafia infiltrators using their anti-white Christian pagan people of color to replace and destroy us. Law enforcement automatons were just their serving their usurping communist masters.

    For example, adding Insult to injury at the DC rally! The liberal marxist mainstream media worked ceaselessly hijacking the narrative or core meaning of the protest against marxist tyranny and treason by putting Africans behind the podiums in front of their cameras to dictate our behavior, thinking, and will of the protestors: I guess BLM and Antifa represent the cultural marxist establishment in America. Treason Abounds!

    For example, a Kamala Harris response I made to one of her anti-white Christian Tweets I got suspended for recently:

    @Ilhan @1954floodkid You are a foreign pagan insult to all true white Christian Americans and you should be sh*t for foreign espionage and treason. You have no place in our government just as your comrade Biden the Usurper.

  8. The reporters talk about when the violence at the capital began, but the violence began long ago when social media silenced so many of us who were not parroting their rhetoric. The violence began when domestic terrorists financed by globalists people such as Soros burned and destroyed specific areas in democratic managed cities destroying the life work of peoples’s businesses. The violence began when false witness was allowed to stand as truth. The violence grew into the silencing of legal votes during the election process by voter fraud accepted as valid votes. The violence was begun when the the Supreme court and every court refused to look at the fraud and the viable evidence. The violence began when people falsely reported that the the courts DID see the evidence and found no validity to the claim of fraud. That is where the violence started. What took place on the evening of the 6th cannot be condoned but neither can the violence perpetrated by the democrats and the criminals that infused false votes into our election which has denied us our voice. That is the violence that will bring us down.

    • Miller
      Where is the evidence, exactly why Trump did not want law enforcement involved because he knew there was no large amount of Fraud, in every case if you have a violation of the law, you do not go to a court, and ask them to make a ruling. You file the complaint with police and they investigate it to find the actual evidence or facts, someone saying something does not make it a fact, if I convinced enough people that you had Sex with someone when you had not would it make it a fact just because a lot of persons said it was so.

  9. The formality of ethics has taken over the substance of ethics. The fraud votes have been enable to decide our elections and the Vice President, John Roberts and so many others whose basic responsibility is to ensure justice have served the steal. The process for this theft was practiced long ago, fine tuned in California, not objected to the fraud when counties in 2018 recorded 120, 160 etc level of participation and not questioned. This is known, yet the people who are entrusted to justly govern openly and overtly ignore the silencing of our legal votes ignoring the truth.
    Stte and federal law have been abandoned and the apparent enemies say to attempt to correct the fraud is violating the constitution. The purpose of the law is to protect the election process . The twisting of the laws to presetve the fraud is mind boggoling. Protests by the people who support the laws have had little impact on corrupted ambitions of the polluters of our elections who have orchestrated the illegitimate out pouring of illegal votes. The reality of the vile hold on our government by the corruption is staggering. The media has so polluted the information provided for people that people have become unable to recognize how they have been made ignorant of the farce.

    • Many in government are mentally lost in the form of justice but are unable to see how they are being manipulated to eradicate justness, the substance of justice. VP Pence is an honorable man, BUT he is so intent on not violating the form of justice that he is enabling the wiping out of a just election by those who have not one fiber of justness in them.


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