STAND YOUR GROUND! The leftist are waging war on your children’s minds! Islamic doctrine is invading American schools at a ALARMING RATE and we must stand up to stop it!

Currently, schools across the country are beginning to MANDATE that children of all ages learn the vial rules and rituals of Islam! What’s next? Schools governed under Sharia Law?

Will you stand by and let American school children be converted to Islam?


…by sinisterly disguising it in the form of “Combating Islamophobia”, leftist are slowly allowing the Islamic takeover to spread… and we know it’s the all part of the Sharia Agenda and indoctrinating your child’s mind into becoming a Muslim slave.

Will you act to stop this?

Sign the Petiton to STOP THE ISLAMIC TAKEOVER of U.S. Public Schools today!

Just recently the San Diego Unified School District mandated that all of its schools now have calendars with Islamic holidays, students WILL LEARN THE TEACHINGS of ISLAM and ‘Safe Places’ will be created on campuses for Muslim Prayer!

Will you let this liberal lunacy spread to YOUR CHILDS SCHOOL NEXT?

We know that these steps being taken are to trick children into following the Muslim agenda and that these ‘Safe Places’ are nothing more then hotbeds of peer pressure disguised as ‘innocent prayer rooms’ being used to CONVERT CHILDREN TO ISLAM.

But We Are Going to STOP This!

Its time to fight fire with fire! For years the left has been abusing their purposeful misreading of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to push Separation of Church and State. With these rulings they have stripped our schools ability allow children to learn ANYTHING about Christianity, and even removing God from the Pledge of Allegiance!.

Now WE can demand that those same rulings be used to STOP MANDATED ISLAMIC TEACHINGS to our children!


Sign the Petiton to STOP THE ISLAMIC TAKEOVER of U.S. Public Schools today!

Finally, after eight years of tyranny and persecution of wholesome American Christians by the Obama administration, we have a strong conservative in the White House. President Trump has clearly proven that he is with the U.S. citizens to combat the terror that is Dark Ages Islamic Law and the oppression that comes with it.

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Together we can make the difference!

First, sign the petition to STOP SHARIA IN OUR SCHOOLS… but don’t stop there!

After you have signed the petition, please make a a donation to the Tea Party’s effort to stop the Islamic Takeover of the U.S. Public School System! We’re launching an ALL-OUT campaign to protect the education of American children and put and END to Islamic Indoctrination.


We the People DEMAND our Schools back! We want to send our children to school without the fear of them being Indoctrinated and Manipulated into following the sickness that is Islam.

We the People DEMAND Congress enforce Separation Laws and start the process of DEFUNDING any and all School Districts who refuse to comply to make it clear: THEY DON’T GET PAID TO TEACH ISLAM.

We the People DEMAND that Congress mandate that all Schools Districts REMOVE all Islamic holidays from School provided Calendars.

We the People DEMAND all Muslim Prayer Rooms be removed from schools that are funded by U.S. tax dollars, and that they not be permitted back on school grounds to pressure our children into converting to Islam.

Some groups have tried to make a stance at a state level, but if we do not come together nationally then our voices will be silenced just like they have!

So sign the petition today and tell Congress We the People demand that the spread of Islamic teachings stops dead in its tracks!

Step up and sign the ‘Stop the Islamic Takeover of Public Schools Mandate’ now.

Thank you, and God Bless America.


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