Stacey Abrams Lashes Out At ‘White Voting Base,’ Laments Illegal Aliens “Are No Longer Able To Elect Anyone Who Represents Them” (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Failed Democrat Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Wednesday lamented that illegal aliens “are now no longer able to elect anyone who represents them.”

Abrams is being pushed as a possible Vice Presidential candidate for Joe Biden.

Abrams said that 50% of the population under the age of 15 is “communities of color” and if they are “removed from the calculation,” a “whiter, more Republican voting base” will be created.

This is why Abrams and Democrats are fighting to count illegal aliens in the census and plotting the racist use of re-districting.

Abrams is openly admitting she doesn’t want white people governing.

She is also admitting she wants illegal aliens to have power over American citizens.


Last month a bombshell video of Stacey Abrams plotting to use re-districting to “stop white people” from governing was uncovered.

The 2014 video, uncovered by Patrick Howley at the National File, revealed Abrams’s plan to change the racial demographics of the electorate heading into the 2021 congressional and legislative re-districting efforts based on the 2020 Census.

James Woods blasted Stacey Abrams.


  1. Stacey Abrams as most progressive liberal trash brings absolutely nothing to the table but the same old tired racial agitating complaining she learned from obama.

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  3. Someone should remind this loon that illegals are not supposed to be voting in the first place(that’s illegal) This loon would have been a complete disaster as Governor of Georgia, We can only imagine the train wreck she would be as V.P. or even worse is by chance she became President.

  4. If the ILLEGALS want to be represented then they need to go back to their own Nations. Abrams is a MORON for uttering this IGNORANCE. A bigger IDIOT would be Creepy Old Joe if he selects her as his VP. Democraps can’t win if these ILLEGALS get shipped back to where they belong in FACT they would NEVER win any election if all the ILLEGALLY cast votes were removed.

  5. Such crap as this is why she is not Governor of Georgia. Too many people who knew her for what she is and made sure to vote. She claims she is rightfully the real governor because of cheating, No, its because we did not want a socialist imbecile ruining our state!

  6. Did this idiot just admit that illegals have been voting before? only now they can’t? Doesn’t this confirm what the Republicans/Conservatives have been saying all along — voter fraud?

  7. illegals voting ? this woman is deranged.
    just think– if she was joe’s VP. one
    heartbeat from being potus.
    they have NO worthy candidate.

  8. people like her make the story for bringing back the giant 10,000 plus bed mental hospitals of yesterday to help these poor sick demoncraps

  9. To have some idiot thinking person such as Stacy Abrams, who does not seem to comprehend that we cannot vote in Mexico and the illegals in America cannot vote here because they have broken into our country and entered our country illegally and have NO LEGAL RIGHT to vote legally and should not vote illegally, as president is terrifying.

    She is a mentally a willful petulant child who wants her way without regard to the harmful results of her actions, period.


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