St. Louis Circuit Attorney Threatens To Take Action Against Couple Who Protected Home Against Protest Mob On Private Street

(Gateway Pundit) – On Sunday night several hundred Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in the Central West End neighborhood in St. Louis City. Then in the evening they hundreds of protesters crossed Kingshighway and entered Portland Place, a private gated community inside the city limits.

The broke through this gate.

A couple in the neighborhood were having dinner outside at the time when they heard the commotion. The husband and wife were scared to death at the commotion and went out in their front yard with guns. The Second Amendment is alive and well in St. Louis.

The protesters continued over to Lake Avenue to protest St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson. The Black Lives Matter mob wants her to resign.

The couple was outside in their yard after hearing the protest mob break down the gate.

The protesters were chanting, “Our streets!”

The couple said, “We were in fear for our lives.”

On Monday morning far left Soros-funded Circuit Attorney did not condemn the lawless protest mob.

Instead Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner sent out a statement threatening the couple!

The Circuit Attorney is starting an investigation.

Let’s see –

** The mob broke down a gate.

** They entered a private street in a gated community.

** They threatened the residents on the street.

** They wrote graffiti on the street.

And the circuit attorney wants to investigate THE HOMEOWNERS!


  1. The people that was protecting they home was indeed behind a gated community for which blm had know right to enter if any member of the blm had lived there then they wouldn’t had to break the gate there for no law suit can be carried out blm and the attorney are up shit creek without a paddle and sinking fast in the shit creek so the coulpe had every right to protect them selves and they’re property and one other thing the couple never intered the street they stood by they’re house and one blm member came on the couples property but hey the attorney won’t mention that in her suit though

  2. This is insane. Get people out of office that don’t do their job. When they get their property vandalized and have their life threatened let’s see if they have the same response. We do have laws that allow us to protect ourselves and our property. Why don’t you arrest the real law breakers.

  3. Just another activist judge. And, another example of why the 2nd, must exist. The system has proven it cannot/will not, protect life or property.

  4. Not one dem has stood up to condemn their slavery uprising. Do you expect whites to stand by and allow their lives to be threatened, their properties, families, way of life while the people whos job it is to provide the safety for them will not. There will be armed white militias and citizens who will protect what is ours, and we will be called racist, white supremist, and damn republicans. It is clear that this BLM mob sweeping our nation are too stupid to realize they are being used and in return the dems will throw them another hand out, put them back on the plantation until the next 4 years. First rule of gun safety is carry one.

  5. This woman is so out of touch with reality and if I were the home owners, I would sue her. This thug trash broke the law and they need to be held accountable for it. Better yet, give out her address so they can go exercise their 1st Amendment right outside her house.

  6. That C.A. can suck it! Property owners have a right to protect themselves and their property. Peaceful protest my ass!! I’ve had enough of BLM and their bullshit. Come to my house, you get shot, end of discussion.

  7. If she does that everyone should go protest at her home and her job. The government is after a war to divide our country.

  8. Unfortunately we have double standards in this country. Blacks can resist arrest because they can’t trust the police. But BLM can assault, murder destroy property and when come to your property uninvited you are not supposed to protect yourself. This whole agenda by blacks is to have complete immunity from arrest and prosecution when committing crimes. Ultimately removing all white men from earth.

  9. Another case of double standards. Blacks can resist and run from the police because they claim the police can’t be trusted. But BLM can murder and loot, but no one is to be afraid when they come to burn down and assault people in epic numbers. Well I feel sorry for those people that protected their lives, between the media, black and liberal politicians and blacks and liberals in the justice system they won’t have a chance. BLM has proved this so far VIOLENCE is the only thing that works.

  10. please help her and her other leftest friends in the streets by voting to bring back the mental hospitals of the 19th and early 20th century to put them in and cure the sickness of the brain they have

  11. These are the pompous left wing morons who get jobs with the Federal Government. I have no doubt this left wing cu*t is vastly overpaid at the taxPAYERS expense.

  12. Typical liberal prosecutor protecting criminals and threatening law abiding victims exercising their second amendment rights . And we’re to accept this ?

  13. Make no mistake Ms. Soros-funded liberal loon, if you go after these honest American citizens rightfully protecting themselves and their private property against mob threats and violent acts my friends and I will support them in every way possible. They will have no out of pocket expenses we will see to that.
    You are a total DISCRACE to the oath you took and an embarrassment to the State of Missouri and our country. I really find it hard to understand how you live with yourself, but then I think of how much you want to make George proud of you it makes some sense. You need to find a nice warm rock to slither under, you are total scum.

  14. People that do not stand behind law abiding Citizens, shouldn’t be in office. It’s sad that they let a mob of so called protesters break laws, they break a gate,go through where they tresspass and terrorize a neighborhood it’s sad. What is happening to America.this crap needs to end. People need to go home. It is sickening these people in office do not care about innocent people having to put up we with this.

  15. they should sue Gardner and the city for racial discrimination. she obviously is a racist who hates white people. should be a slame dunk for a. civil rights attorney. make sure the get punative damages too that way there are no taxes on them.

  16. Kim Gardner is a racist. She is black woman and that is the only reason she is pursuing her ignorant stance against an individual’s right to self protection. Pure stupidity from this racist fool.


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