Soros-Backed Coalition Preparing For Post-Election Day Chaos — ‘We’re Going To Fight Like Hell’

(Breitbart) – Under the guise of seeking to “prevent a constitutional crisis,” a massive network of well funded left-wing activists and progressive groups are training, organizing, and planning to mobilize millions of Americans should President Trump “contest the election results,” refuse to concede, or claim an early victory.

More than 80 advocacy groups and grassroots organizations have joined in a broad coalition calling itself “Protect the Results” and proclaiming that “we cannot ignore the threat that Trump poses to our democracy and a peaceful transition of power.”

The coalition is a joint project of Indivisible and Stand Up America, two left-wing groups founded in response to President Trump’s 2016 election and whose goals are “to organize and resist Trump’s dangerous agenda” and “to defeat Trump and his enablers.”

Seeking to “protect” election results by use of its millions of members, the coalition calls to “take coordinated action” and “prepare for a potential post-election crisis.”

“Be prepared,” warns a video on its homepage.

Both founding groups of the coalition (Indivisible and Stand up America) are part of the Soros-funded Democracy Alliance (DA), the largest network of donors dedicated to building the progressive movement in the U.S.

DA’s large body of donors aggregates resources for “focused investment,” marshalling as much as $80 million per year.

In 2017, DA developed a “resistance map” — a mix of anti-Trump groups it recommends its members donate to, many of which are now part of Protect the Results.

Other Soros-funded coalition groups include MoveOn, Women’s March, the Working Families Party and the Center for Popular Democracy, a network with over 50 local partners in 32 states, among many others.

Having likened President Trump to a dictator, left-wing billionaire George Soros declared in a recent interview that Trump is dangerous, is “fighting” for his political life, and will do “anything to remain in power.”

Given his harsh depiction of Trump, it is hardly surprising that Soros-backed groups are leading the so-called “resistance” post-Election Day.

Heads of the DA coalition “resistance” groups have been quite vocal in recent days about their intentions to put up a fight this November.

“If Trump wants to ignore the will of the people and fight over election results, it’s a fight he’ll get,” said Nelini Stamp, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at the Working Families Party.

“Will we be successful? We’re going to fight like hell to make sure we are,” said Rahna Epting, executive director of MoveOn, another Soros-funded group that joined the coalition.

“Our resistance is key in protecting the outcome of this election,” said Arisha Michelle Hatch, Executive Director of Color Of Change PAC. “We will mobilize to safeguard Black people from the chaos and pain that will inevitably ensue should Trump choose to disregard reality in November.”

Coalition group heads have described the battle against Trump’s re-election as predicated on the unfounded notion that the president has been tirelessly working to undermine the upcoming elections.

“He’s [Trump] laying the groundwork now to steal the election; we need to lay the groundwork now to fight back,” said Sarah Dohl, co-founder and chief communications officer at Indivisible.

“Trump is already laying the groundwork by declaring the result rigged, so we are sounding the alarm now,” said Sean Eldridge, president of Stand Up America and co-founder of Protect the Results.

Claiming that, for years, “Trump has sought to undermine our elections again and again,” Elridge stated, “We would mobilize, take to the streets, put pressure on state and local election officials [to make clear that] the U.S. people are not going to let Donald Trump steal this election.”

Ryan Thomas, a senior spokesperson for Stand Up America, told Newsweek that “Trump poses an existential threat to our democracy and is already working to undermine the election.”

“Donald Trump is not running a re-election campaign. He’s running a power grab,” said Ben Wessel, executive director of NextGen America, a coalition group funded by billionaire Tom Steyer — the failed Democratic presidential candidate and major donor to DA.

Not only is Trump accused of undermining the upcoming elections, but his current legitimate status as president is denied as well as he is accused of rigging the previous election, as noted in a recent tweet from one of Indivisible’s accounts.

“Donald Trump only won the 2016 election by cheating,” the tweet reads. “That’s the only way he’ll win this one, too […]”

With a Trump-must-go-no-matter-what attitude, the idea of a legitimate Trump win is all but impossible.

“When we win in November,” says Indivisible’s IE Political Director Lucy Solomon in a video describing the group’s preparations, they intend to ensure that “Trump isn’t able to steal this election in the days afterwards.”

“On November 3rd. After you vote, get in the streets! Donald Trump must go and we must make it happen!” reads a post tweeted in August by the far-left ShutDownDC, an “organizing space” partnering with Protect the Results which plans to “rise up to confront the Trump administration’s attacks on democracy” and offers training sessions for coalition members to prepare to take “direct action.”

Additionally, several prominent figures have expressed fears of Trump seizing power if the elections resulted in a loss for him, claiming that he is already prepping the ground for a de facto coup.

The baseless notion is increasingly promoted by those opposed to Trump.

Amplifying the groundless notion even further, an article by the Nation last week titled, “Is Trump Planning a Coup d’État?” was widely circulated among leaders of groups from Protect the Results in order to encourage individuals to join their effort.

Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible, tweeted:

New cover story in the Nation from @AbramskySasha. Trump’s a loser and will try to cheat, so we’re preparing.

In a bid to encourage more to join the coalition, Stand Up America founder Sean Eldridge, also referencing the article, wrote:

“We’re going to need all hands on deck.”

The article states that what the Protect the Results leadership is planning “isn’t a run-of-the-mill protest” but rather “a national campaign capable of bringing millions of people into the streets,” potentially for months.

They are going to have to develop a durable movement that could operate like the democracy movement in Hong Kong or the movements that peacefully brought down Communist rule in Eastern Europe a generation ago.

Protect the Results has partnered with the secretive Fight Back Table (FBT), an initiative launched after the 2016 election to form a constellation of leftist organizations working more closely together.

FBT and leaders from Protect the Results reportedly discussed their plans in secret during a Zoom virtual meeting last week, with the Daily Beast reporting how they discussed standing up to a multi-state communications arm as well as training for civil disobedience and mass public disorder.

The alliance is pushing the Democrat assumption that election results will be illegitimate absent a huge Biden victory.

Leading Democratic figures have followed suit, laying the ground for chaos and mass unrest.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton urged Biden not to concede the election “under any circumstances,” while the Democratic presidential candidate said he is confident that Trump is “going to try to steal this election.”

With a well-funded coalition of anti-Trump groups prepping the battlefield for post-election anarchy, such statements are hardly trivial.

Featured image credit: World Economic Forum –[email protected]/5393262055


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  2. Liberals and Soros backed coalition members are assuming that Trump will lose the election. At the same time, The Democrats refuse to accept the fact that they have nothing to offer the American people. Trump accomplished more in 1 term than Obama/Biden did in 2 terms, especially given all trouble that the Democrats put him through in the name of law and freedom, while they spent their whole time devising schemes to negate and nullify his election. An honest head-to-head election would produce a Trump victory. Because they have nothing to offer the American people, the Democrats have no other choice but to cheat in any way they can. Voting by mail alone is a prime example of their treachery.

    I am more concerned with a repeat of the Democratic party’s actions that took place in 2016 where they refused to accept Trump’s legitimate victory and went on to create chaos because they were too proud to accept defeat. Worse case scenario, would be an out-and-out civil war. It would be a significant blood bath because Trump would use the military and the rebels would pay a heavy price. I have no doubts that Trump would accept a LEGITIMATE victory of the Democrats; I am equally sure that the Democrats and their communist sympathizers would not. Herein lies the problem.

  3. Amen to that my fellow Patriot. Soros don’t have a clue what is he is Raising amongst Real Americans who demand and will not relent and will be fighting for their freedom. A general from the Japanese Army in World War II that came here to go to the college told Tojo and the emperor that we could not ever plan a land invasion of the American country because there would be a gun behind every blade of grass. That’s more predominant now than then. We will not falter we will not give up we will always be a free nation and right now we’re facing a domestic enemy to destroy our country from the inside out. Good luck with that Haji want to be”s and extremely communist interested people you knew. You’re going to lose. win or lose the election you’re going to lose this holy war. God bless this great nation and we will stay under judeo Christian laws handed down by our true founding fathers. All of you that disagree with what I’m saying or nothing but cannon fodder. And I pray it never comes to it but we’re prepared if it does. Love and peace to all

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  5. saw him on the org 60 minute interview and could see he was a scumbag, he admitted even back then he had brought down countries and started wars, he also said he helped germany round up jews ever being one himself ( to save his own ass ) the world would be a better and safer planet without him and all of his family

  6. Obama’s very own sponsor of terror George Soros has been funding these for years .

    He along with Obama should be hung til death !

    • Seriously, what is your obsession with Obama? The article doesn’t even mention his name once, yet here you are bringing him into it along with the ever-famous imaginary boogeyman “Soros”. You republicunts are truly a lost cause if you live so deeply in these long-debunked conspiracy theories.

    • @ Bob
      Why ?
      Does the odious Hussein (also known as Barack) have immunity from criticism? just like your left-wing logocracy unlimited access to the public microphone?

      You do not have the right to didacticism as long as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao are the mentors of the collectivisms that inspire you to annex the state !

      Just you, malgré vous, the maniacal progressiv-oid left..

  7. its amazing the number of truley evil billionaires seeking the destruction of the country. well what they are forgetting the number of warriors ready to defend the nation from these evil marxists. Whats the old ww2 saying? Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  8. You’re aging badly , old man!

    On your grave it will be possible to write with justification:
    Here are the remains of a human creature who lived and died EXCLUSIVELY on this earth!

    No breath of eternity has touched you in your vile life.


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