Someone Send This To President Trump: Google Searches For “Can’t Pay Rent” Are Up 15 Times In The Last Week!

(Gateway Pundit) – Someone needs to send this to President Trump.

Google searches for “Can’t pay rent” has gone up 15 times in the last week!

President Trump will be blamed for he economic depression if he allows the doctors to shut down the US economy much longer.

Trump does best when he follows his gut and not the so-called experts.

Via Tuur Demeester and Mike Cernovich.

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  1. That’s WHY a TRILLION DOLLAR + bill was PASSED!


    You will NOT be evicted! Banks, landlords, etc. Know it’s a National Emergency, programs and Protections are in place! Just CALL Your Landlord and Work it out. It’s going to be OK.

  2. i believe all bills and debt of any kind should be stopped with no penalty, no interest then when people can go back to
    work and walk around free again without being treated like we are in a socialist country THEN JUST START THE BILL PAYING FROM WHERE IT WAS LEFT OFF, the rich can take a hit just like every other American even if the creditors are from another country


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