Soleimani’s Body Scraped Off The Cement And Flown In Coach Back Home To Iran In A Box (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – The body of terrorist leader Qassam Soleimani was scraped off the airport road and packed into a box before it was flown back to Iran – in coach.

The former al-Quds leader took up 2-3 seats on the plane back home, reported The New York Post in a cardboard box.

The regime didn’t even send an official military plane for his remains.

Iranian hardliners were waiting for Soleimani’s remains at the airport when they arrived.

More video…


  1. The best part of the funeral was that Soleimani’s casket was driven through his hometown on a U.S. made Chevy truck, lol

  2. The iranian economy is SO bad that they couldn’t afford a real casket, HILARIOUS!!!
    Hope the old POS enjoys his 72 raisens!


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