Social Media Prankster Licks Bars On A Subway Train In New York – US Epicenter Of Coronavirus Pandemic (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – YouTube prankster Zeeshan Ali, AKA Prince Zee licked bars on a New York subway train as the Coronavirus was ravaging the state.

New York City currently has 25,665 cases and at least 200 deaths according to the state’s latest numbers.

Nearly half of the entire country’s Coronavirus cases are coming out of NYC.

So this YouTube prankster thought it was a good idea to lick the bars on a subway and post it to social media.

The man sitting down with a face mask on was freaked out and scooted away from the subway licker.

The YouTube prankster posted the video last week, but New York was already seeing a spike in cases and deaths.

Governor Cuomo recently issued a “stay-at-home” order for New Yorkers and barred all non-essential travel.


Other videos of the “Coronavirus challenge” have been circulating social media as well.

Idiots have been licking airplane toilet seats and posting the videos to social media.

One toilet licker claimed he got the Coronavirus after his stupid toilet-licking stunt.


  1. I’d like to kick his butt all the way to the Moon!

    What is it about a camera and access to social media that turns people, especially young people, into exhibitionistic, self-absorbed a-holes?!

    This is a Pandemic! People are frightened, getting Sick and DYING and morons like that are walking around doing STUPID and DANGEROUS actions, just so they can play up to a camera & show the world how STUPID, selfish and immature they are.

    I hope he’s identified and the authorities press charges, fine and jail that irresponsible idiot!

    I also pray for Karmic justice and that these immature morons get what they deserve!

  2. One can only hope something positive comes out of the act. Like a poster on what not to do, and displayed at his wake……….


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