“So Cool:” Kathryn Limbaugh Shares Rush’s Final Months

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Kathryn Limbaugh spoke on Tuesday’s episode of the Rush Limbaugh show, which was guest-hosted by Todd Herman, and said that she and Rush planned his funeral in the months that followed his diagnosis and that he thought it would be “so cool.”

Kathryn recalled that Rush said he hoped he would be invited and that she promised him a “front-row seat.”

An audio recording of Kathryn and Rush Limbaugh has been posted online in which the two discuss his funeral. Kathryn says that she and Rush were talking and she “told him all he has to do is show up, which I’ve also arranged (laughing).”

Rush says that “it is an event, and it’s awesome!” adding that “what she just described to me is incredible. Sorry I’m gonna miss it.”

Kathryn responds by saying he is “gonna have a front-row seat.”

Rush says that he “can’t believe it. It’s so cool!” and went on to say that he couldn’t believe he was talking about his own funeral. Kathryn said on Tuesday’s episode that they had decided to be “open and direct” about the arrangements.

“I told Rush that he is just shy of a president, and presidents get this kind of treatment; so he deserves that,” she said.

Kathryn said that she is doing OK in the aftermath of her husband’s death and burial but said that it’s a “very difficult time,” and added that she feels “we are all going through this process together” and that it “helps us to all be together and grieve in a sense and keep our Rush with us in that way.”

She told Herman that she and Rush referred to his funeral as “the event” and noted that it “came a lot sooner than we would have hoped and liked.”

Kathryn gave the audience a little glimpse into the day Rush was buried at the historic Bellefontaine cemetery in St. Louis.

“It was an absolutely gorgeous day, slightly chilly, but nothing like the snow that Missouri had had a few days prior. The sun was shining brightly and the really crisp air, and this cemetery is very historic. It has a lot of historic figures such as William Clark of Lewis and Clark expedition and others,” she said.

“And just to picture it, it might remind you a bit of Arlington or other historic cemeteries around the world, with winding hills and pathways and big trees that are bare right now but in the upcoming months they will be full and green and very lovely to walk around.”

She explained how Rush’s body was transported from his Palm Beach funeral up to St. Louis in a transport plane and upon landing a funeral procession followed. When they arrived at the cemetery, a horse drawn carriage took Rush the rest of the way.

She went on to say that the entire day was “very peaceful, very beautiful” and that his grave site was surrounded with “powerful American flags waving in the wind and the sun was shining directly on that spot.”

She then discussed his final days saying that he didn’t know that his Feb. 2 broadcast would be his last and explained he “just got a little bit sicker and sicker by the day.”

Kathryn said that Rush knew he was going to Heaven and that they talked about that all the time.

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  1. Her poise, her magnanimity, her loyalty to his fans, her unexpected ‘sorry for your loss’ to a crying fan when his passing is truly her loss brought me to tears more than the loss of Rush himself. They were both amazing people.

  2. Rush was a wonderful man & a great patriot. He always had a way of making you feel that no matter what happened American would survive. Heaven is blessed to have him talking behind that EIB

  3. The daily trips in the truck are less informative and much less funny now. The guest hosts are their own people with their own humor, but I’ll still miss the one that’s instructed me and helped me understand for so many years. Now we must apply what we’ve learned.

  4. Loosing Rush to us was like loosing a loved family member. Can’t even mention his name without tearing up. A true God and country patriot.
    We will always remember, no matter how terrible things became, he gave us hope!
    We were So blessed to have shared nearly everyday listening to this wonderful man.
    We will meet again at the reunion in heaven!
    Thank you Rush

  5. God Bless and thank you. In my heart I know he was a TRUE PATRIOT, VERY HONEST, HE LOVED THIS COUNTRY to the core, he loved his audience/people, he loved his family and he was sooo much more. I did listen to Rush for years. Rush will be missed but I know he is with God now and watching us all. We can not give up.

  6. The Mercy Me gospel group ;have a sone “I Can Just Imagine” of how he, the singer wondered how he would respond when he finds himself in God’s presence. I heard the song one morning as I grieved with the rest of the country and Constitutional loving Americas and realized that Rush does not have to use his imagination any more. He knows.
    I can only imagine
    What it will be like
    When I walk by your side
    I can only imagine
    What my eyes would see
    When your face is before me
    I can only imagine,

    Surrounded by your glory
    What will my heart feel
    Will I dance for you Jesus
    Or in awe of You be still
    Will I stand in your presence
    To my knees will I fall
    Will I sing hallelujah
    Will I be able to speak at all
    I can only imagine

    I can only imagine
    When that day comes
    And I find myself
    Standing in the sun
    I can only imagine
    When all I will do
    Is forever, forever worship you
    I can only imagine
    I can only imagine.

    “. . .like all establishment politicians in the Republican Party,” Those that pretend they love the country, still don’t “seem to grasp what it is about. What makes Rush and Trump so popular among the masses. It’s because Trump is the anti-politician. He’s the exact opposite of everything we’ve come to expect from someone who serves in a public office. He does what he says. It’s really that simple.” And Rush spoke the truth to the American People because he walked with the God of Truth. It’s really that simple.


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