Sit Down Joe… Biden Attacks Trump On Coronavirus – But Biden-Obama Waited Til Over One Million Infected, 1,000 Deaths Before Declaring H1N1 National Emergency

(Gateway Pundit) – Joe Biden announced his big government plan to attacking the coronavirus today.

Biden slurred through his remarks on Thursday.

Biden attacked President Trump and outlined his plan to attack the pandemic via his TelePrompter speech.

Joe continues to fail in disguising his mental decline.

The markets slid 500 points as he was talking.

Biden wants Americans to forget what a failure his administration was during the H1N1 crisis.

Above: A White House nurse administers the H1N1 vaccine to President Barack Obama in 2008. Credit: Wikimedia

In October 2009 Barack Obama declared the H1N1 a national emergency.

But this was not before millions of Americans were infected and 1,000 Americans were dead from the viral infection.

Obama waited MONTHS before declaring the H1N1 a national emergency.

And despite the fact that the virus was coming into the US from Mexico President Obama NEVER shut down the border with Mexico.

This won’t make any headlines in the coming weeks.

PJ Media reported:

In April of 2009, the H1N1 became a pandemic.

But it wasn’t until six months later, October, that then-President Obama declared a public health emergency on what was already a pandemic. By that time, the disease had infected millions of Americans and more than 1,000 people had died in the U.S.

CNN reported at the time:

Since the H1N1 flu pandemic began in April, millions of people in the United States have been infected, at least 20,000 have been hospitalized and more than 1,000 have died, said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Furthermore, the CDC’s Frieden fretted at the time that efforts to create a vaccine had stumbled:

“We are nowhere near where we thought we would be,” Frieden said, acknowledging that manufacturing delays have contributed to less vaccine being available than expected. “As public health professionals, vaccination is our strongest tool. Not having enough is frustrating to all of us.”

Frieden said that while the way vaccine is manufactured is “tried and true,” it’s not well-suited for ramping up production during a pandemic because it takes at least six months. The vaccine is produced by growing weakened virus in eggs.

But wait, there’s more.

According to Virology Journal, the 2009 H1N1 came into the U.S. from Mexico:

The swine-origin influenza A (H1N1) virus that appeared in 2009 and was first found in human beings in Mexico, is a reassortant with at least three parents. Six of the genes are closest in sequence to those of H1N2 ‘triple-reassortant’ influenza viruses isolated from pigs in North America around 1999-2000.

Don’t ever forget the myriad of China-connections and interests Joe Biden and his family have.

Here are Joe Biden’s remarks.


  1. Hey Mr. Dementia personified: You are preaching to the choir! Did you even understand what you were stupidly reading from the teleprompter that was prepared and orchestrated by your handlers? Aren’t you aware that President Trump is already doing the things you enumerated that you thought you were the only one who had come up with? YOU ARE SUCH AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE NATION! What a waste of opportunity: You would have sounded presidential and magnanimous if you had issued a heartfelt shout-out of support to what our POTUS has done so far to combat this COVID-19 catastrophy and you would have shown the nation that you indeed are capable of unifying us, as your stupid supporters claim you to be, at this time of national crisis, being able to set aside your political differences. And you would have endeared yourself to some of the undecided voters. But no……you are more divisive than anything else! And you think you can one-up our POTUS with your copy-cat plan?

  2. Ignore the Democrat donkeys. In India dull people are called donkeys. Democrats have destroyed America since the wily Brits we’re kicked out .
    President Trump is doing well and will be the Best President America Ever had and that the British colonial renegade George Washington a White Slave owner a Democrat who institutionalized Negro/ Black slavery and his slave owning henchmen like Jefferson and the rest of the Democrats who wrote the dangerous US Constitution for White Males Only and enslave the blacks even today as their vote bank. So sad the black population remain slaves of the Democrats blindly voting them to office time and again. Wake up black people and vote for candidates who have your interest at heart irrespective of Party affiliation. God help you. Burn the White Constitution and demand that a new Constitution shoybe written by the people and for the the people . Trump will support all in that.

  3. And….don’t forget the introduction of Ebola into the US a few years ago. Unlike CoronaV, it was a sure death sentence. Bob and the rest of his dimwit party didn’t lift a finger to put any safety protocols in place, or bring charges against the medical morons that were known to have been exposed, did not self quarantine, and even traveled for social events. I didn’t forget, and this ‘pandemic’ is a giant joke, designed merely to discredit DJT…too bad. MAGA. KAG. We’ll weather this farce also.


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