Sick. Far Left Protester Throws Her Menstrual Blood At California Senators During Session

(Gateway Pundit) – A far left protester threw menstrual blood on lawmakers from the balcony on Friday.

Rebecca Lee Dalelio will appear in court on Monday.

One woman was arrested following the incident.

Via TMZ:

An anti-vaccine protester threw what appeared to be menstrual blood at California lawmakers days after the Governor signed 2 new bills into law that’ll kick in next year.

A woman named Rebecca Lee Dalelio was arrested Friday afternoon inside the chambers of the California State Capitol building after cops say she threw something from what they described as a “feminine hygiene device containing what appeared to be blood.”

She chucked the red, blood-like liquid down below from the upstairs balcony area … where she and other anti-vaxxers were watching in silent protest as state senators wrapped up the last day of the legislative year with a vote on some last-minute measures.

Here is video from the Senate Chamber.



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