Showdown At Trump Tower: MAGA Supporters Clash With Protesters

Anti-cop demonstrators brawl with a Blue Lives Matter march – as rival protests continue across the nation

(Infowars) – Supporters and opponents of President Trump clashed in front of his New York City residence on Fifth Avenue on Saturday just two days after a large Black Lives Matter mural was painted on the street next to the entrance.

The tense exchanges between the warring political sides came as the city and the nation continued to be roiled by protests against police brutality.

In Brooklyn, some 400 people turned out for a ‘Back the Blue’ demonstration in support of the New York Police Department, but the atmosphere grew tense after they were met by some 20 counter demonstrators carrying Black Lives Matter signs.

In Los Angeles, Black Lives Matter protesters took a knee in the middle of a downtown intersection as part of a rally in remembrance of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old black woman who was fatally shot in her home by Louisville police in March during a botched drug raid on her home.

In North Carolina, anti-racism protesters marched toward a courthouse in Graham demanding the removal of a Confederate statue, but they were met by angry backers of the Confederacy who want the monument to remain.

In Manhattan, about a dozen Trump supporters carrying signs that read ‘Trump 2020’ and wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘All Lives Matter’ gathered in front of Trump Tower on Saturday afternoon.

Several of them were wearing red Make America Great Again hats while wearing variations of the American flag.

A few of them unfurled a huge American flag that had the words ‘Trump’ and ‘Keep America Safe’ scrawled across the stars and stripes.

One anti-Trump protester was holding a sign which read: ‘I will survive Donald Trump.’

At least two Trump supporters wearing shirts in support of the police confronted the man, who appeared to be speaking through a bullhorn.

While images suggest that tempers flared, there did not appear to be any violent incidents or arrest.


  1. The behavior of children is interesting to note. They do not like authority or discipline figures around when they know they are doing wrong to remind them that they are doing something they should not be doing. Police historically have been meant to help us, and they do help far more times than they do the wrong thing. If these children protesting and want the police defunded or eliminated, they are probably doing, like the children, something that is wrong and they do not want someone to get in their way of doing it. Simple isn’t it to recognize that they are just children in grown up bodies, sent to college to be erroneously taught it is OK to behave like children.

  2. 20 BLM’s?? Now, if those numbers were reversed, the cowardly BLM would have beat the hell out of the Back the Blue supporters. instead, they just clown around and make fools of themselves as usual. Back the Blue had planned to be there so there weren’t clashing with anyone. The protest crashers were the BLM.

  3. Black lives DON’T matter to blacks, at least there is VERY little to no evidence of it. This weekend there were only 50 blacks shot wounded and killed by blacks in Chicago. This weekend there were only 35 blacks shot wounded and killed by blacks in NYC, one was a 1-year old baby-oh well it was a black baby. Detroit, Atlanta, LA etc., not far behind. Politifact published 73% of black babies born out of wedlock, 67% of black children grow up in single parent homes. Last year in NY black male HS graduation rate was a whopping 33% while for those damn whites it was near 78% GOING TO THE SAME SCHOOLS!! Many crime categories are almost committed equally among black and white, difference being black population is less than 15% and white just over 62%. Being that blacks commit crime at over 4 times the rate as whites you have to ask are the black parent teaching their kids to be criminals. Welfare population for white and black is about 38% for each and per capita there are 4 times as many blacks on welfare as there is whites. WHITES LIVE IN THE SAME INNER-CITIES JUST LIKE BLACKS. Almost every major city in the US for the past 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, decades has been run by a “BLACK person or white dem VOTED for and supported by the black communities. How is that working out for you blacks? But you will continue to vote and re-elect the same dumb-sh%t “black leaders and white dems” that haven’t and won’t do sh#t for you. These are your own people letting you down!! Your black communities aren’t getting better, in most black communities crime is on the rise, graduation rates between white and black are widening, more and more black kids from broken families on a one way path to failure, etc., Hell, in Baltimore it is hard to find a black kid that can hardly read and write at his grade level! The really sad part of this is that the blacks are really that fricking stupid to realize they are being used by the dems and Soros and after the election they will be thrown another handout and put back on the plantation until next election. If black lives mattered to blacks you think blacks would start caring for each other, maybe showing a little respect for each other and many showing a little respect for themselves, and teaching their kids they can be better-not the next generation of welfare recipients.

  4. It looks like we have a lot of stay at home clowns pretending to be earning lots of money who live on their welfare and housing checks. This is why we need Trump to put them all to work.

  5. Both Antifa and BLM have websites, and on those websites, in their own words, they refer to themselves as Marxist and anti-capitalist and all the other usual anti-American garbage. Just add a dot com to the end of BlackLivesMatter and/or to Antifa and you will be looking at their websites in short order. Maybe do a search for “Antifa Mission Statement” and ditto with BLM. ANYONE with the slightest bit of curiosity and a smartphone could do this in about 3 notes.

    YOU, as in YOU reading this, could find and be reading their websites for yourself in less time than it takes to describe how to find them, and then you would know beyond doubt that all of the claims about these groups being anti-American Marxist political hate groups are absolutely true. They are right out in the open on their own websites telling you exactly who they are in their own words, and not one major American corporate media news source can be bothered to do this and report the truth on them. Not one. Because U.S. corporate media is not “news” it is corporate media propaganda, filled with political activists pretending to be legitimate journalists, when nothing could be further from the truth. Many are subject to or at least heavily influenced by the ChiComs in what they are allowed to report and how they are allowed to report on it.

    That is why we end up looking in places like HERE to find a more honest approach to simply reporting what is really going on.

    • Did what you said but didn’t see what you said you saw. Instead at found they focus on
      “racial injustice, police brutality, criminal justice reform, Black immigration, economic injustice, LGBTQIA+ and human rights, environmental injustice, access to healthcare, access to quality education, and voting rights and suppression.”

    • Similarly makes no such statements as you claim; but it isn’t even a website: just a single page saying “fascism is bad, stopping fascism is good; be anti-fascist.” Really not much there at all except a promise that some day they’ll put up an actual website. Some day …

  6. I agree with the Pro-Trump demonstrators but I wish they had not lowered themselves to using obscenity. It only cheapens their cause. It makes them look like the other side.

  7. Let’s put a stop to these “get rich at home” commercials that have absolutely nothing to do with the article as written.

  8. It’s very obvious that a lot of folks don’t have a clue as to the what Black Lives Matter Organization really is…it’s certainly not an organization that truly wants to help black lives, and that is a fact. The group is a Marxist organization hell bent on taking over America at all cost. One must read the goals of the American Communist Party to see the same agenda unfolding in our streets. If I go out and burn down your store I will be arrested on the spot and I should be. However, the Marxist goes out and burns down more that one store and loots all the merchandise on the shelves and no body does anything about it, why is that. That is because the looting and burning is protected by the party affiliated with the burning and looting in the first place…It’s all being done by the communist, George Soros, and the party backing all of this destruction and many American’s know this to be fact. It’s not at all about “Black Lives Matter> it’s about an agenda to take over our country and most people know this to be a true and accurate statement.

    • You are 100% correct, Billy ! The Socialist/Communists, are doing everything possible to overthrow our Government, and turn America into a Marxist Country. The 3 founders of the BLM ARE Marxists, and this was their agenda from the very beginning. It infuriates me to think about all the MILLIONS given to BLM, by Corporations, who apparently thought that it was a worthwhile organization. Unfortunately some people, STILL don’t believe that it is a “Terrorist” organization, but in truth it IS !

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  10. I read that the uneducated Tim Kaine who embarrasses our State of Virginia each and every day of his public live says on Sunday, “Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) addressed President Donald Trump and his administration’s approach to reopening schools in the fall amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”
    It is apparent that Tim Kaine did not go back to school ever because he has flunked history in attributing the horrendous institution of slavery as an American invention although it has been found in every culture since the beginning of human activity. What an idiot who is so ignorant to display his emptiness of knowledge openly day after day. But he is a stauch democrat, a group of people that are openly out of the closet ignorant.

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