Shocking New Poll Questions Whether Americans Are Buying Media’s Declaration Of President-Elect Biden

( Exclusive) – Seeing isn’t always believing in 21st century woke America. The mainstream media mafia has decided that Joe Biden is the official winner of the 2020 presidential election but that isn’t exactly what’s going on it’s just what they want you to believe.

Fortunately, a new Rasmussen and Just the News Daily Poll shows that a third of registered voters don’t believe what they’re seeing from the media and instead believe that President Trump has won the election legitimately.

On the other hand, just like a third of registered voters reject the media’s declaration of Joe Biden as the winner, 49% of them accept it and also seem to accept the lie that there is no evidence of fraud.

Think about where we are right now as a country. We just held the most significant presidential election in history and the current, sitting President warned for months that there would be election fraud and tampering and the opposition called him a liar and said it wasn’t possible (this of course came after they spent years insisting that the previous election was tampered with) even though we were seeing it being set-up right before our eyes.

Now, the mainstream media is telling us there is “no evidence” of voter fraud even though there is literally evidence all over the country of exactly that. Despite the fact that millions of Americans can see it for themselves by tuning into actual news outlets, they continue to deny what they see and instead believe the lying mainstream media.

It is truly unbelievable. The election was clearly rigged and tampered with in many areas of the country where it mattered most and now those of us who are expressing genuine concern over the integrity of our elections are being told to shut up and “unite.” Huh?

The left is literally steamrolling their way into the White House with, what seems like, complete and utter disregard for reality and facts. This is a scary place for our country to be. Joe Biden is attempting to usurp the presidency with the help of the crooked media. That is not an understatement and it should concern every single American, but it doesn’t.

According to the poll, out of the 1,200 registered voters surveyed, 49% believe that Joe Biden legitimately won the election while 34% believe President Trump did and 16% said they weren’t sure who really won.

The poll further showed that of Republican respondents, 77% said they believe Trump is the legitimate winner, while just 12% of Republicans believe Biden is the legitimate winner. About a quarter of independent voters also said they believe Trump won.

Among Democrats, 87% think that Biden is the winner.

It’s important to note that the survey was conducted between Thursday night and Saturday afternoon before any news outlets called the election for Biden.

This just goes to show the power of the media. People literally just believe that there is no fraud because the media says so, not because they’ve actually been convinced of it.

People don’t want to be convinced of anything nowadays. Liberals are so stuck in their delusions that they absolutely refuse to be convinced of anything. They don’t want their minds changed. They want to be right and even if they aren’t they insist that they are and eventually, in their minds, they are.

This is a scary place for America to be. Millions of Trump supporters believe the election was rigged and millions of Biden supporters not only believe it wasn’t but actually believe there was no way for it to be.

We all knew this election was going to be a wild ride.

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  1. Well it is just a matter of time now. A large part of America is not going to take this without a fight. Something will light this fuse here soon and our nation will be no more. Hate to talk doom and gloom but a war is coming. Be ready Irwin Hill. (BOB)

  2. Calling members of a party “trash” is name calling. It is not factual (how would you prove someone is trash or not) and not helpful. No wonder the Bible considers name calling to be a sin.

  3. I’ve never seen a vote like this before, I’m not liking it and I pray the truth will come out and Trump will be our President 2020-2024. If not, I want to know are we going to war? Should I withdraw all of my cash from the banks? These Democrats are so screwed up and corrupt…they scare me.

    • Did it bother you to see so many of President Trump’s team convicted of crimes? Or are you concerned only with the misdeeds of Democrats? But as to your question about your cash: I believe that the banks are safe. The real danger is the growing national debt, which likely will lead to inflation (reducing the value of cash) or default (which would be catastrophic). In the olden days, conservatives worked hard against big deficits. Unfortunately, that was not a concern of President Trump, who actually likes debt in his own businesses. Let’s hope that Biden will have a fiscal plan that is more responsible than President Trump’s approach.

    • It didn’t bother you when your hero Hussein was committing crimes huh Irvin ?

      Do you smoke crack with Hunter ?

    • Yeah ….a fiscal plan like Obama’s? Irwin, get a grip, if you can’t see beyond the fairy tales of Biden and his “accomplishments” you are not very aware. You’re going to HOPE Biden has a plan??!! What has Biden done in the last 40+ years that was good for America and it’s citizens? I’ll wait.

  4. I know a lot of progressive liberals. Most of them read one or two newspapers in addition to watching TV news. A surprising number of them watch Fox TV to get a perspective different from their own. A few read and Breitbart. So I don’t didn’t your premise is correct that liberals are low-info–especially when compared with conservatives, many of whom brag about avoiding the Main Street media, The NY Times, etc. Probably the reality is that people on the two sides tend to pay attention only to news that supports their opinions–e.g., progressives watch MsNBC and conservatives watch Fox or similar channels. But based on conservations with friends on both sides, I’d bet the slightly more progressives are high-info than conservatives.

    • Irwin hill , I think your comment is possibly the only sensible comment i have ever read on this site , at last a rational response , in stead of the normal , jaw dropping ,ignorant ,toxic comments on here . most people that comment on here are just bitter twisted individuals.
      I tune on here sometimes here, just to look in awe at the totally brainwashed people on here , that seem to like to live in a alternative dark reality , and no! I’m not a Democrat , just don’t generally like to think , in those simplistic binary tribes, of republicans and democrats

    • Andrew “3 names” …. feeling important are we? Narcissistic? Mighty proud of yourself throwing around condescending insinuations as if you are the anointed one. Your display of snobbery, and arrogance is a common character trait of the few lefties here. As you attempt to lecture and pontificate how ‘above’ the fray you are … the common sense folks here simply laugh at you.

  5. I know there are way too many fishy things that happened this election cycle that must be investigated. This is America for the love of everything holy! We don’t live in some third world crap heap (unless you count Chicago, maryland, Portland and seattle). We are supposed to be a constitutional Republic. our voice must be heard. the democrats accused Trump of Russian Collusion, but their own puppet found nothing there. what was dredged up, though, was an ever growing mound of evidence pointing to the liberal bastards meddling in election fraud. Now its happening again. social media, news outlets, big tech, pharma, Hollywood queers, etc. are gathering en masse to push their filthy anti-constitution agenda down our throats. Sadly, too many of us will sit there like idiots and slurp down their poisonous elixir.

  6. It’s all one way on the fraud, computer glitch? Ha! Too many statistical impossibilities to believe anything the Dems say. Large dump of ballots suddenly, all for Biden? Huh? All the battleground states where Republican poll watchers couldn’t see the ballots ought to just have the Dem votes cancelled period. Hiding what you’re doing, breaking the law, cheating like that? But, you want your votes which are inflated, rigged & no telling how many Trump votes got switched or thrown away, to still count your illegal votes? It’s amazing Trump got so many votes, isn’t it? That tells us he got alot more…….

  7. Folks we probably will NEVER KNOW the truth, Sadly most of America has been willing to accept what is going on in the country and to not even question it. The only time most get upset anymore is when it directly affects them, Anyone with just simple knowledge and understanding would know that MAIL-IN voting was going to be a serious problem. Any illegal vote in this country is one too many and we all should have known the Democrats were perfect willing to LIE,STEAL, and Cheat to regain power and control of our country, Our President DONALD J. TRUMP is within his legal right to question possible voter fraud and he should. I personally dont think it will change the outcome i wish it could, President TRUMP has been one of our best, And those that voted against him never ever considered that he delivered on every promise he made, And now we get to undo everything we achieved over the last four years and go back to the same failed and incompetent solutions of BARACK OBAMA one of it not the most incompetent and irresponsible president in American History.

    • Republicans who are in charge of the voting in some of the disputed states have ALL said that there was no voting fraud. These aren’t leftists speaking but conservatives who ran and monitored the voting. They were there, on the ground, watching. And they say that there was no fraud. If the Dems had been able to pull off massive fraud, you can be sure that the Dems would have won the Senate. They poured hundreds of millions of dollars into key Senatorial campaigns…and lost. And the Senate is in some ways more important than the White House! If we think analytically in addition to examining the facts, we have to conclude that there was no fraud. Recall that President Trump’s voting commission that studies the 2016 election came to the same conclusion: no fraud.

  8. Just more indication that too many people ignore what is inconvenient. It is so much easier to just believe what the corrupt media tells them. I think our founding fathers would be shocked if they could see the state of the U.S. today!

    • But among independents–whose opinion would seem most likely to be unbiased–three times as many thought that Biden won than thought the President won. Independents tend NOT to be influenced by the media, but rather do their homework. They’re the ones who gave President Trump his victory in 2016. I trust independent judgment more than than opinions of supporters on the left or the right.

  9. Yeah right, Just another poll for them to manipulate. Take this poll and stick it where the sun don’t shine, unless of course your Kamala.

  10. Including today’s low info progressive liberal trash . Without them we would have never had an obama. Is that a fair statement ?

  11. To NOT recognize the fraud when 100% of a ballot dump of 137,000 is for one candidate and hundreds of people voted were over 105 years of age and If “. . . 49% of them accept it and also seem to accept the lie that there is no evidence of fraud.” then these people live with a sound proof bag over their head. Penn pulled this crap in 2016 with one or two counties having 100% of their votes for Hillary.

    • The shocker in this poll was that only 1/3 of the respondents thought that President Trump won–whereas just about 1/2 of all voters voted for President Trump. This means that about one third of Trump voters–and you can be sure they strong favor President Trump– recognize the Biden won the election.

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