SHOCKING: Fox News Talker Broadcasts Plan To Ban Trump From 2024 Run

( Exclusive) – Fox News analyst and political commentator Juan Williams, a flaming Democrat, published an opinion piece on Monday in which he argues that President Donald Trump should not be allowed to run for president in 2024 due to his alleged connection to the January 6 riots at the Capitol Building.

According to WND, Williams claims the power to pull such a move lies with Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“Garland has the power to rule out another Trump run by citing ‘section 3 of the 14th amendment, which bars anyone from holding office who “engaged in insurrection,” against the U.S.,’ Robert Reich, the former Labor secretary, recently wrote in The Guardian,” Williams stated in his piece that was published on The Hill.

“So, yes, there is a case to be made that Trump committed crimes against America,” he continued.

Williams then went on to cite a piece that was published by the Washington Post which said that President Trump’s “attempted coups cannot be ignored.”

Yes, that’s right, folks. The same people who orchestrated massive voter fraud on a level which had never been seen before are accusing Trump of trying to pull off a coup. That’s rich, isn’t it?

“‘The bottom line is this: Now that Trump is out of office, the DOJ’s view that sitting presidents cannot be indicted no longer shields him. Attempted coups cannot be ignored,’ wrote lawyers Laurence Tribe, Barbara McQuade and Joyce White Vance in a recent column in The Washington Post,” Williams went on to write.

“If Garland’s Justice Department is going to restore respect for the rule of law, no one, not even a former president can be above it,” the Fox News analyst added.

“Yes, Garland has the power to stop Trump from running again. It is time to use it,” Williams concluded.

This isn’t the first piece this month that Williams has penned that is an assault on President Trump. Back on August 9, the political analyst posted another piece up on The Hill in which he said, “Former President Trump and his disciples in the GOP are really putting the ‘con’ in modern conservatism these days.”

Williams took an opportunity to address fundraising reports about Trump, claiming, “Trump’s fundraising haul exceeded the sums raised by his party’s House and Senate campaign groups. As an individual, he was basically on pace with the Republican National Committee.”

“Despite attacks by Williams and others who claim Trump should not run for president in 2024, the former president continues to make moves that indicate he’s planning a comeback,” the WND report said.

“Two recent hires by Trump are driving speculation that he is gearing up to launch another presidential campaign in 2024,” the report continued, adding, “The Des Moines Register reported Thursday that Trump, through his Save America PAC, has hired Iowa natives and Republican Party operatives Eric Branstad and Alex Latcham as consultants.”

It’s not clear at this point what Brandstad and Latcham were hired to do, but both of these individuals have a very deep understanding of state politics.

Taylor Budowich, the communications director for Save America, has confirmed to the Register that both hires are now on the payroll.

At the end of the day, Trump should absolutely be allowed to participate in the 2024 presidential election. First off, he did not cause the January 6 riots. In fact, he condemned violence and told people to remain peaceful during their protest activities. Some folks, who could have been leftist plants, got out of control. He had no control over their personal choices.

Secondly, this election was stolen from him. Tons of evidence exists to prove this is true. As such, he should definitely be allowed to run and have an opportunity, given a fair and free election, to right that wrong.

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    • If you truly understood the tax code in place governing your earnings you would definitely be screaming at your democrat party. But since you obviously have no education concerning those laws you should be quiet and study the tax codes or defer to those of us who know what we are talking about. There IS NO tax fraud committed on Trumps part . Just as these “burro- crats” have campaigned on the premise that 80 percent of corporations do not pay taxes , they are absolutely correct, but those corporations are pass through entities. The corporation itself doesnt pay the tax.. ALL OF ITS SHAREHOLDERS DO! Therefore when there are profits to a corporation , all of those profits are divided amongst the shareholders and reported as such to the IRS and becomes completely taxable to the recipient (shareholder) . Again, please do complete research before spouting such inanity.

    • Tom green doesn’t pay taxes.Tom green is a TAX taking progressive piece of liberal trash living off of others .

  1. I’m so Glad Juan Williams is gone from the five. He was SO out of place. His stupidity was so apparent it’s amazing he lasted so long He was the only reason I stopped watching the 5. He belongs deep in the bunker with Joe Biden

  2. Juan, IS not a news journalist, he is merely a talker regurgitating what the left wing think tank tells him to say. What an awful career; imagine you can never say what you really think or believe. Regurgitating has harmed the African American community because Trump helped that segment begin to rise up with jobs and choices, prison reform, etc but the Democrats hold them now to the Juan Democratic plantation. Cut him loose!

  3. Juwan willielicker is full of Peloski, Trump would have to be convicted of Insurrection…. and even the Fbi has found a complete lack of evidence, for any such charge,…. in fact the Fbi is more complicit in that Debacle than Trump, or for that matter All of the Republicans Combined

  4. Juan Williams is a horrible person.
    How dare he claim that President Trump is not a good person. President Trump made our country better now we have Dementia Joe who belongs in an old age home. You Democrats got Biden in they cheated. So glad the Five Show let you go!!!!!!

  5. I’ll tell you why Juan, because he was born in this country and he is older than 35 years of age. Those are the only qualifications you need to be president.

  6. It has been clearly apparent that Juan Williams is not functioning with a full deck. his pronouncements indicate he is blind to the obvious in his efforts to hold onto years of hateful thinking, not willing to see truth even when is is in front of his eyes. No, Juan is pleasant enough in personality, but a fountain of dysfunctional ideas and assumptions that turn reality upside down which makes him useful to those who want to dismantle our country and are doing a bang up job of destruction.

  7. Juan Williams , democRAT liberal talking idiot , your opinion regarding President Trump running in 2024 was shot full of holes by the FBI Friday !!! no connection period > Wake -up you idiot !!!

  8. Where does Juan Williams get off saying President Trump should not be allowed to run in 2024??????. Juan is just an annoying POS who was fired once and should be fired by Fox he has caused Fox to lose a lot of viewers to go to OANN and Newsmax I for one refuse to watch anytime he’s on a program change channel.

  9. Juan Williams is a typical device for Fox News to stay in the good graces of any other race than white. He is a traitor to America and he thinks he knows everything about everything. He is as racist as Hitler; he just focuses on one person, President Trump. Well, Juan put on your man pants and get ready for the revolution. Trump will be back and sooner than you think. I am looking forward to the recalling of the vote, and welcoming President Trump back to the White House. We need our freedoms back; we need our economy back, we need our confidence back, WE NEED TRUMP!

  10. Typical Juan Williams BS, he knows the Democrats can’t beat Trump without massive voter fraud, which the 2020 national elections’ Democrat massive voter fraud is now being exposed in most every state, making it impossible to do again in 2024.

    So since Juan Williams knows the Democrats won’t be able to beat Trump, Juan is trying to get the cheating Democrats to try to stop him from running, by making up even more lies about Trump organizing an insurrection against the US government, than they did about the false Russian collusion stories they made up in 2016.

    This also won’t work, because the FBI’s investigation of the 1/6/21 conservative Capitol protests against the rigged 2020 national elections, have proven that the Capitol protests were not organized, which an insurrection cannot happen without someone organizing it through collusion and conspiracy, which is what the Democrats did to perpetrate the massive voter fraud in the 2020 national elections.

  11. Juan is the epitome of left wing nuts that are absolutely possessed with TDS and in no way attached to reality. Pelosi is responsible for what happened on Jan 6th. The article should have been her inaction to known facts. Juan only has left wing hate about Our real President, Donald J. Trump.

  12. Juan William, my friend I like to suggest that u stay home all the time,when u open your mouth, u look like a jerk, the way u open your eyes when other people said the true facts about the democrats just make u look stupid that u are, I am so glad u are out of the five, DO US A FAVOR AND STAY HOME WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSE

  13. Juan William, my friend I like to suggest that u stay home all the time,whem u open your mouth, u look like a jerk, the way u open your eyes when other people said the true facts about the democrats just make u look stupid that u are, I am so glad u are out of the five, DO US A FAVOR AND STAY HOME WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSE

  14. Where and when did the Left or enemies of all that is American get such a grip on the way of life of America. Time and again they get away with crimes only because they are left wing. Whereas conservatives and republicans and the right are open to all sf sorts of accusations that do not constitute crime, in fact a case has to be made often with deceit and fabrication that it is a crime.
    Where did it begin and when is it going to end.

    • The start of what you state Sandra was when the country elected Barack
      Obama. He said in front of camera that he wanted to COMPLETELY transform
      America and too many Americans did not listen!!! He did not try immediately because he wanted to get re-elected for a second term, which Americans,
      unfortunatly did. Now he has his third term using puppet Biden and all the
      other democrats who were in his 1st two terms at his side. Wake up AMericans!!!!!

  15. He is the reason I quit watching the Five. And then when he was off on certain days they substituted him for Geraldo or Donna Brazille the lying POS that CNN fired for giving Hillary debate questions ahead of the debate in 2016. It is down to a select few shows on Fox News that I even watch any longer.


  17. Might I add that although insurrection is a real chargeable crime, no one involved in the Jan. 6 protest has yet been charged with insurrection, because insurrection has a very real definition and nothing that happened that day fits that definition. So, no, even if you wanted to make the argument that Trump somehow inspired these individuals to act out (an argument I don’t agree with) an insurrection, as much as the left would like to convince everyone, never occurred so he couldn’t have incited one.

    • That’s how today’s progressive liberal trash misuse words to mislead their cult of losers and derelicts.
      They’ll claim Trump was impeached and Clinton wasn’t . They’re simply liars .
      They’ll claim voter rights are denied while they cheat the voting process. They’re simply liars.
      Election fraud to them is election integrity. Again, they’re simply liars .
      Their hero oBama won “ liar of the year “award twice… yet the Orange man bad .
      They’re liars, no doubt about it .

  18. M. Garland has NO “authority” to stop Trump from running. IF and ONLY if he had been found guilty in a court of insurrection might Garland have a shot. Just because whiny boy says it, doesn’t make the lie a fact.
    TDS is alive and well. Trump is rotting their freaking brains, what’s LEFT of them…. lol

  19. Juan seems to be intelligent enough to have a slot on any news media as a commentator. Now that I got that little tidbit of an observation out there, I will go ahead and finish with a flourish. He is a self promoting, disingenuous imbecile who has a hammer and sickle cleanly shoved up his race baiting, Obama loving ass. He needs to have his own YouTube channel where he can rattle on uninterrupted in his little echo chamber for all his liberal communist followers to drool over.

    • You mean all 3 of his followers like oDUMBo, mz. Pisslousy and the PEDO Joey ByeDense. Maybe they can all sit in rotating basements and circle jerk each others egos. Juwan williams is just everyones token negroid, fired here, hired there type of biggot.

  20. The real insurrection happened amonth before when Antifa/Blm terrorists attacked the Whitehouse and 50 Secret Service agent s were injured… the fbi and doj investigations….how many arrests have been made from the real insurection

  21. The people of this nation that truly believe in what it stands for and what made it great had better get together and not wait for the communist to kill another election but drive them out NOW and reinstate Trump as he was elected by the people. That was clear ! those judges and republicans who said other wise are cowards, threatened, or out right supporters of the communist agenda for the destruction of America. Their mouth piece in the White House has proven by every move they make is for our destruction. No one who speaks out against them seems to have the knowledge or courage to tell the people the actual truth about where we stand and what it will take to stop the strangle hold the communist have on our government!!!

  22. Juan and Joy Behar should be put off to the side in a corner to talk to one another, they are on about the same intelligence level. Most of what they come up with leaves normal people with a puzzled look on their faces.

  23. Well, Juan, it is easy to see why so many Fox fans wanted your butt off of The Five. You still have the rotten Democrat boogie woogie up our wazoo! Trump did not engage at the Capitol. He did offer extra security and your girl friend, Nancy, refused and thereby setting up the faux insurrection she wanted. Merrick Garland has been proving he ain’t Supreme court judge material! If he did try that stunt there will be a hole in Fox staff to replace you.

  24. Juan William is a Democratic mouth piece. I jumped for joy when he was removed from the “Five”. Every day he showed how bias he is. He is just like Biden in every way.

  25. News Flash : the legal registered American voter chooses their president folks . This leftist progressive liberal filth with Trump Derangement Syndrome certainly have every right to share their stupidity but it stops there.


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