Shock Video: Utah Driver Shot By Antifa Terrorist As He Tries To Flee Swarming Black Lives Matter Mob (Video)

This is what the far-left means by ‘justice’ and ‘equality’

(Infowars) – Shocking video out of Utah shows a Black Lives Matter radical firing a pistol into an SUV attempting to get through the mob blocking the road.

The footage from an intersection in Provo shows the crowd of protesters swarming a white SUV that was trying to drive through the protest before two shots are heard.

The SUV suddenly accelerated, tossing several of the extremists aside as it zoomed across the intersection and sped away.

A slowed-down clip shows a BLM rioter covered in a green balaclava aiming a pistol at the driver from the passenger side and firing a shot into the vehicle.

Lt. Brian Taylor of the Provo Police Department stated that the driver, who is in his 60s, was shot and was taken to the Utah Valley Hospital, underwent surgery and has non-life threatening injuries.

“We are looking for a suspect,” Taylor said Tuesday. “There are a number of videos that show a person on the street approaching this vehicle and discharging a couple of bullets into that car.”

“We don’t know what his intentions were. We don’t know what his involvement with the crowd was,” Taylor added. “We just know that he was there.”

Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi made a statement defending the protest, but condemning the shooter, saying, “Criminal acts and violence such as we saw last night in Provo were anything but peaceful and are UNACCEPTABLE.”

The BLM and Antifa mob have been targeting motor vehicles more in recent weeks as the inner cities begin to push back against their violence and lawlessness.

Last week, an eerily similar incident occurred in Alamosa, Colorado, where a deranged leftist lawyer fired several rounds into the passenger side of a black SUV also just trying to pass protesters blocking the street.

And the week before that, BLM rioters were shattering motorists’ windows with crowbars and clubs on a highway in San Jose, California during one of their “demonstrations.”

East San Jose protesters vandalizing people’s cars on the freeway, trying to drag people out of their cars and blocking traffic. 😳

East San Jose protesters vandalizing people’s cars on the freeway, trying to drag people out of their cars and blocking traffic. 😳

Posted by Proud to be from East San Jose on Friday, May 29, 2020

It’s clear that the far-left have turned the cold civil war kinetic against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their radical politics, and more shootings by these domestic terrorists will likely continue unless state leaders decide to enforce the law against them instead of business owners protesting coronavirus lockdowns.


  1. The really sad part is these kids are so dense, they don’t realize they are being used by the left. This is a play to make Trump look bad. This has nothing to do with black lives. If these kids could read, which I truly wonder, or comprehend facts, which I know for a fact they don’t, they would know white people are more likely to be killed by cops than black. When you add in that more crimes are committed by black criminals than white that gets to be staggering percentages. If they could read, they would look it up. It is public record.

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  3. BLACK LIVES MATTER doesnt care about Black Lives if they did they would be in CHICAGO,DETROIT, BALTIMORE on the weekends when those cities turn into a Combat zone with Black on Black crimes. The HOOD mentality is not going to help their cause it only diminishes what they claim to believe.

  4. why idaho has a law you can shoot first if you think your being threatened, and a mob attacking cars is a mob and needs to be all killed asap

  5. ‘Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi made a statement defending the protest,. . . ‘

    THERE IS NO defense on God’s green earth that the leftist /democrats/socialist/ media have been turning red with the blood of law abiding citizens and the unborn.

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