SHOCK: Top Dem Just Announced Bad News For Roy Moore, This Dirty Trick Will Finish Him (VIDEO)

November 14, 2017 12:18 pm  

( – Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) appeared on Meet the Press and told Chuck Todd that even if Judge Roy Moore were elected to the Senate, he could be removed by the Senate Ethics Committee, Breitbart reports.

Todd, to his credit, brought up Bill Clinton and the accusations against him. Klobuchar said that the victims were shamed there too but yet she didn’t say that Clinton should have been impeached, but she is perfectly willing to boot Moore without any solid evidence of an event that allegedly occurred 38 years ago,

Klobuchar explained from Breitbart:

“We may not have much choice on that, but we have choice on something else. That is that you can expel a senator once they are in with two-thirds of the vote after the ethics committee does an investigation. There is a step between here, Chuck. That is that there is an alternative candidate in Doug Jones, former U.S. Attorney, great prosecutor, someone running on trust with the voters and also health care in Alabama and the real issues that will effect the people of that state. So the polls are tightening there, and while it is incredibly important to go after these past allegations, I want people to remember that there is another alternative here to Roy Moore who is removed from the Alabama Supreme Court because he wasn’t following the law.”

As she stated, the Senate could boot Moore with a 3/4 vote by the Senators and it’s not a shoo in that the bar is too high, considering the high volume of RINOs in the upper chamber, who aren’t even interested in proof before they call for Moore to drop out.

Mitch McConnell apparently feels that a claim is as good as proof and requires that person to just go away. With that in mind, I just have one thing to say. “Mitch McConnell touched my pee pee.”  Resign, Mitch.


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