SHOCK: Islamist Plot To Assassinate British PM Theresa May Foiled, Still Hates Trump For ‘Racist’ Retweets

December 6, 2017 11:30 am  

( – Barely a week ago, British Prime Minister Theresa May scolded President Trump as if she were his Marxist grandmother over his retweeting of videos from the British nationalist group Britain First, which depicted alleged Muslims and migrants assaulting native Englishmen and destroying sacred Christian objects.

Now she has a little bit more to worry about than mean tweets …

Miss May came very close to receiving a lethal amount of multicultural enrichment, as an Islamist terror plot to assassinate her with a suicide bombing was foiled on Tuesday, reports Sky News.

Two men have been arrested under suspicion of plotting the PM’s assassination. Police informed the network’s crime correspondent that they believe the suspects were planning to detonate an explosive disguised as a bag in the heavily gated entrance to Downing Street, then take advantage of the ensuing chaos to rush in and kill her with knives.

According to police, the suspects were pursued for several weeks before they were caught in a raid.

From The Independent:

The suspects were detained during raids in London and Birmingham last week and charged with terrorism offences. They are due to appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

The plot was revealed to the Cabinet yesterday by Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, who also told ministers that security services have foiled nine terrorist attacks on the UK in the last year.

The Metropolitan Police said Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, from north London, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, from Birmingham, had been charged with preparing a terrorist act.

So far, nine terror attacks have been prevented in the United Kingdom this year – this makes ten. If the British are viewing this as some sign of success, they’re hopelessly delusional.

But Britain has been the target of three successful attacks this year, all of them inspired by extremist Islamism. In March, five people were killed and 50 injured in an attack outside of London’s House of Parliament; in May, an attack on the London Bridge killed seven people and injured 48; again in May, a nail bomb was detonated in the middle of a concert by Ariana Grande, which killed 22 and let 59 wounded – the majority of them were children.

How many times do you see this happening in America? The RINO hacks and Democrats vehemently despise Trump, but while there have been hearsay of the government plotting to outright kill Trump if he crosses their line, there haven’t been any trucks full of C4 barrelling through the White House gates. Imagine if Islamists tried pulling the same move on our president – we wouldn’t lay back and take it like the Brits.

There’s a very simple reason why that is, and hopefully, Brits are going to look at this narrowly averted disaster, and realize that the Americans who they stick up their noses at, with all that talk of building a wall and ending illegal immigration, just might be onto something.

Theresa May has in the past made statements critical of mass immigration, but have proven herself to be yet another faux conservative – maybe now that cultural enrichment almost blew her up and chopped her to pieces, perhaps she will start to act? No, it appears too late now in the U.K. for that.

Nearly every politician in the U.K. went into a spit-flinging fit after Trump’s retweet, with some threatening to ban Trump from stepping foot on British soil and even arrest him. If their Muslim problem continues, in another decade, they’re going to be begging for our help – the few actual native British people who are left, if current demographic trends continue.

How long are the Brits going to take this? “Keep calm and carry on” … until the Union Jack is stripped down from every building and the Crescent and Star flies over the isle instead.

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