Sheriff Joe Arpaio Needs You


America’s Toughest Sheriff needs your help!

Obama-era moles that have been planted in the Justice Department have taken retired Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to court just for enforcing the law and just made a huge push to put him in JAIL!

And because a liberal, power-hungry Arizona judge just denied him a fair trial by a jury of his peers, Sheriff Arpaio has now been forced to file an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court to overrule the Arizona court’s terrible decision.


However, If his appeal is denied, and he has to face a liberal judge rather than a jury of his peers, he could end up in a jail cell instead of being able to spend time with his wife, children and grandchildren!

The Tea Party is calling on every American Patriot to stand behind America’s Toughest Sheriff and demand that the Supreme Court approve Joe Arpaio’s appeal.

We CAN NOT let one activist judge decide the fate of Sheriff Joe, and we need help from law-abiding citizens like you to make this happen!

Stand with Sheriff Joe and add your Name:


We need 75,000 signatures in the next 48 hours, and then we’ll bring every single signature straight to the offices of our elected officials, letting them know that We the People stand with Sheriff Joe!

Because Sheriff Arpaio did exactly what the people of his county elected him to do — that is, enforce and uphold the law in order to keep them safe and secure– what was left over of the Obama Justice Department has taken him to court and are hoping to put him in a jail cell.

But his sentencing could be left in the hands on a single, liberal judge!

Sheriff Arpaio’s trial is scheduled for this month, so we don’t have much time left

…If you are able to help keep this upstanding law enforcement officer from being sent to jail by his political enemies then the time to act is now.

Please, sign the petition and let Sheriff Joe know you’ve got his back.

Stand with Sheriff Joe and add your Name:


Thank you standing up for the law, and with those who uphold and enforce it!

God Bless America,

Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party

P.S. To be clear, this is Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s last chance to avoid having to be sent to jail by Obama’s allies for enforcing the law. CLICK HERE to support Sheriff Joe!